Another Prayer Request

Prayer Warriors

     Phimpha has just crossed into Cambodia and is heading to a meeting there. She expected 50 people but over 200 are already waiting for her. She had a lot of trouble getting through the border with the people traveling with her but finally they made it and are on their way to the meeting. She is going to speak to the people waiting for her about setting up ladies groups at the churches in Cambodia. Others requested she help them set it up. She is asking for prayers to keep satan at bay as we know he is not happy whenever God’s kingdom has a chance to grow. He will not win and God will prevail, but he will do what he can to discourage and cause trouble. So Please join us in Prayer for Cambodia for the next couple of days.
     Thank You for all the prayers from the last request she sent out. By the end of the day the situation had not changed much but she was back to her old self and doing good. That situation is being worked on and we know God will prevail. He always wins.
      And as long as you have His attention say a short prayer for us a Timothy House. We are in a tight spot but we will keep forward.
In Christ
Rodney and Phimpha
Your servant friends in Thailand