Rice Fields

Hello from the land of Rice.

     Rice, rice, and rice. That is the main course for 90% of a meal 3 times a day. If a true Asian person eats a meal without rice, then they do not consider it a meal. Took me a long time to get used to rice for breakfast. Breakfast was my favorite meal before coming here. Now they all rank about the same because they pretty much are the same. Lately though I have been craving pancakes just before bed, so I have been eating a lot of them. Rice three times a day for 25 or so people is why we are buying the rice field. If we get a good harvest we will get enough for a year for our family. Or there about. Depending on the need of others. Nothing is really ours. It is all God’s provisions and we share by faith with anyone in need.

     I grew up on a dairy farm in MN so I have some knowledge of farming but certainly not the Thai way. Also I know nothing about growing rice. The tractor in the picture is a common one here for rice fields. There is no front tire and is runs with a one cylinder diesel engine. Very practical for here. We were out in the rice field yesterday and our worker (Eet, Long e sound) was teaching me about growing rice. The rice is up and about 12 inches High. I was throwing some fertilizer to it by hand and he was spraying for bugs. Seems we have two different bugs right now enjoying our rice plants and also some land crabs that snip off the rice plant. Just like farming anywhere, there are bugs that are out looking to eat. I was wondering, as I was spreading the fertilizer and praying over the crop, if we are going to get to plant things in Heaven. No bugs, everything grows perfect and so tasty. Hum! Sounds like a good place. We have to do something with all that free time. Eternity is a long, long time. Unlike a few years here. Guess we will not even need to keep track of time anymore.

       Anyway we have 14 rai or a little over 5 1/2 acres. It’s about an hour away from Timothy House.  That is the two field pictures below. Beyond the rice fields are eucalyptus trees that we will also harvest in a few years. We use them for many things while building structures and also they can be sold for pulp to make paper. I need to learn about growing them as well. The tractor picture is the small field here at Timothy House and we will also plant it with eucalyptus trees and Lemon Grass that can be sold in the open markets. Lemon grass does not fetch a good price but it is one of the few things we can grow that the elephants do not like to eat. 

     Is it my imagination or are the sky’s changing? Ring around the sun. And it seems the cloud formations and sunsets are getting much more majestic. Or is my appreciation of them growing? Either way I get a lot of pleasure in the world around us. Like the last picture of the green moth with red on the inner wings. God has made some amazing insects. I think most are in our back yard. If our sinful world is this good what is heaven or the new earth going to be like?  And we are on one small planet! There are billions of planets out there to see!   

Blessings to All

Timothy House