Long Overdue

To All that receive this, Gods Blessings to you.

     Been a long time since my last update. I am having a real hard time writing. I do not know why.

My back went yesterday trying to lift a cement form, so I have a few down days now. Maybe I am getting to old for this work. Or just too out of shape.

Wanted: Full time maintenance person. Great retirement plan. Two year commitment. Good in all trades. Can make something with nothing and few good tools to do it with. Long hours in hot humid climate. Willing to keep moving forward with no plan and willing to drop everything in a heartbeat or change direction. No salary. Little appreciation. Long hours. Little sleep during dry season due to keeping elephants away from the immediate area and kitchen. Good with kids. Possible dirty diaper or two. Totally unattached to the American Standard way of doing things or life style. No problem with poisonous snakes or other pesky critters in your room at night. Good driver. All night if need be. Sleep anywhere without complaint. Able to take little ones kicking you all night. No American food. Hurry! Opening might fill fast. Or not. No need to be Christian. You will be when you leave.

Aah! The Amazing glamorous life of a missionary. And I would not change it for the world. So if your life is boring and you need a change just let me know.

Anyway the other day Green was too close to a bee hive. Ended up with 7 or so stings. Then 30 minutes later broke out in big blotches all over his body, so we spent a night in the local hospital. We have been at the hospital way to much lately. Keep us in prayer you prayer warriors. Nothing else can protect us from satan and his cronies.

We had a single family in the states pay for the rice field that God told us to buy. It was truly a miracle for us. They covered the rice field, the rest of what we owed on the orchard land, and we still had some left over to help get us caught up on past bills. I will not mention their names. They felt it was an answer to their prayers also. God wants all His children to be a part of His Kingdom. There are many ways we can do that and He is expecting us to be true to Him. He alone is worthy of our life and all we have. Give your heart to Him. Surrender your will and enjoy eternity. The rice is growing good from what our farming friends say. I do not know what it should look like at this stage of the growing season. I know it has been to dry in most of Thailand and they are predicting drought for much of the country. God told us to pray over the land and we are. To Him be the Glory for the harvest.

We have a new helper from America that came by way of China. His name is Justin. Thirty six years old. He is proving to be a great servant and we will use him to the maximum. He has no plans to leave yet. All up to God. He is good with speaking and teaching and construction. Hard to find one like that. Do not worry, the above job opening is still needed.

Other than that, the kids are still growing. Becoming young adults and strong in their faith and walk with God. Phimpha is busy as all get out. She was reelected for another 3 years for the ladies group in our area.

Money has been real short last few weeks so Pray for that.

Our son Ohm is almost done with his law degree. He tested to go into the police division for Border Patrol. They deal with all the corruption and protection along the border. About 100,000 thousand tested all across the nation on the same day. He scored the highest. His name became instantly known in Thailand. When he went down to register they called his name first and now has been in the lime light with the police force in Thailand. He is getting calls and offers. God has a plan for him. He will be a light in a very corrupt system. Please pray for protection for him. Only God will be able to keep him safe. He, like his mother, has no fear when it comes to speaking with any higher authority. God is backing him up. Just some random pictures below.

Enough for now it is getting long.

God’s Grace and Blessings to All

Timothy House