Update from Justin a missionary .

Hello to Brother and Sister in Christ.

Phimpha here,Rodney take off to work to harvest the rice in our rice field. Pray for his strenght. Here is Justin testimony our friend missionary from America.

Timothy House takes care of 20 children 4 disable needs and is an entity of Love and Care Project Foundation.  I arrived at Timothy House nearly 3 months ago and I still cannot tell you it’s location.  You see, Timothy House is in the forest of Thailand where the Elephants walk, the deer roam, and the monkeys play.  Here I work with Phimpha and Rodney Wojciechowski who also manages the orchard and rice field of Love and Care Project Foundation.  Currently, we are working on building a water tower.  It will be a long process.  With the orchard, the rice field, the orphanage and the many building projects; work is not consistent on one project at a time.  I have not worked this hard in many years.  Now I get to pray without ceasing, just like 1 Thessalonians 5.17.  Of course my prayer is, “Lord, give me strength to make it one more day.”

I have been on the road a lot, which builds my faith and prayer life because it is so difficult driving.  You must be careful.  Everything prefers the middle of the road.  People stand or walk in the middle of the road, they park their bicycles or motorcycles in the middle of the road.  Come around a corner and all a sudden there is a bicycle in the middle of the road and no one around.  Dogs, cats and chickens love laying in the road or darting across in front of your vehicle.  A lot of them only get to do it once though.  Oh, watch for the children playing in the road too.  On top of all that, you have to look out for bad motorcycle drivers going the wrong way into traffic.  And it is all done while driving on the left side of the road.


At Timothy House we have a devotion every night, Monday through Friday with the children of the orphanage.  Then we have a service with them on Saturday morning and then a Church service for the community on Sunday morning.  I do not understand much, since I do not speak Thai, but it gives me greater opportunity to be lead by the Holy Spirit.


I have ministered in two different churches thus far and it looks like I will be ministering each Sunday of each month at three different locations.  I will have two Sundays in Timothy House , then one Sunday each in two other Churches.  Through these churches, I have met various people from other countries even.  It has been a good time of making connections and being able to encourage people.  Every time I minister people tell me that I was talking just to them or it was an exact answer to their recent prayers.  I feel Thailand needs encouragement to follow Christ.  I hope I have been able to give that encouragement.  God is so good and He orders the steps of a good man (Ps 37.23).


The predominant religion in Thailand is Buddhism.  It has permeated every aspect of life.  Every home and place of business has spirit houses set up in the front.  Kind of like bird houses but much bigger.  They house the spirits and there is a spirit for everything.  Buddhism really places a burden on the people.  The people give land and money to build a temple and the temples are elaborate.  Then the monks go out into the villages and walk around.  They cannot want anything or ask for anything so the people feed them and give them money or whatever they may need.  It really places a burden on the people of the village.  But the more successful the temple the more successful the village.


Thailand has a large Christian population but corruption and immorality is a normal way of life.  If I told you of the sins that are tolerable in the Church, you would not believe me.  I have never seen a more passive or anti-active mentality.  It is certainly time for Christians everywhere to rise up and become pro-active for Christ and explicitly against the evil one.  Please remember to pray for Thailand.  Pray for unity and peace.  Pray for the Spirit of God to clothe His people with power (Lk 24.49) to overcome evil.  The Father wants to unite His people to stand together for Him.  If we cannot stand up in unity for Christ then I do not see any reason to be called Christians.


Thais do not make contact, like hugs or kisses (it’s sad to me).  I am making it my mission; “until every Thai gets a hug.”  I hugged some people at a church one Sunday and everyone was looking and laughing.  The joke is on them, cause they are next.  This last month I hugged around 24 Thais, 6 Vietnamese, 2 Cambodians, 2 Canadians, 2 Pilipinos, 1 African and 1 American.  Three dozen hugs does not sound like much, just a typical Sunday morning for an American, but it is difficult to get close to people here.  There are many physical and emotional hurts, especially among the women and children.  Parents tell children that if they misbehave the foreigners  will eat them.  I guess when kids look at me they believe I am just big enough to eat them because they cry and run away.  I have one girl who hugs me every time she sees me and gives me a kiss on the check.  She makes me feel soooo special.  The boys all think I am big and strong and want to arm wrestle or challenge me in some way.  We have lots of fun.


Some nights I may be the only one home with the children of the orphanage.  It can prove to be a difficult task, especially since we do not speak the same language.  But the kids love me and I love them.  They are great kids with a horrible past and a bright future.  God has called them to His purpose and right now they are being trained to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.  It is awesome to be a part of that plan.  Please pray for them and all of us working together to build the Kingdom of God.  Life here is certainly by Faith in the One True God.  Which is great because without Faith, it is impossible to please God (He 11.6).
Remember be blessed and most of all be a blessing, This day.

From our heart

Justin And the Gang in Timothy House