From Mom’s Heart

Brothers and Sisters in Christ


We have taken on two other Children’s Homes. They are both up north. One has about 50 kids the other about 15. Plus staff in both houses. Both homes were split off from a larger children’s home that we supported for many years before turning it over to another foundation.  The other foundation did not support them enough, there was internal differences and some split off.

As a mother when I found out they were having problems I cannot walk away without doing something. I feel bad for letting another foundation take over and then finding out they did not help as they should have.  We have pledged to help them with some of there monthly expenses. The big house 20,000 baht and the smaller one 5,000 baht. It is really not enough but that is what we hope we can do. They also have built up a debt at the local food store and the store is asking them to make good on it. They owe about 1,000.00 USD (30,000 baht).

Sorry for this last minute. I tried hard not to say anything just pray. Because I am ashamed to open my mouth to ask human beings to help. But I believe God has put the burden in other people hearts to help out with this problem. And I really believe my prayer for the needy God hears. In my mind right now I feel I was a bad mother when I start to help these kids and I leave them to another people and they struggled to survive. I cannot see the kids hungry and leave them to debt. Some of the older kids take turns. Some go to school and others go to work instead. They sacrifice their school to work so the rest have food. They have ended up in need because they asked so many people for help the people think they must be getting help from the other so they ended up deep in debt to get enough food to feed the children. The big house has a debt of about a thousand USD. The smaller house has not debt just in need of help every month for food.  For the debt they are supposed to pay the store tomorrow. The 20th.  It is hard for me as a mom to see children suffering like this. Right now I am not going to think about my shame and protect my face so I have opened my heart to ask for help. I believe I am not alone; I believe I still have brothers and Sisters in Christ who follow the Holy Spirit of God.  I speak from a mom’s heart. It is hard when I see so much food thrown away in this world.  I think about the kids and the needy that are hungry and try to help themselves.

When they first started to be in need and could not make ends meet, the house parent sent the kids home to the villages where they had come from. The kids were there one night then returned, because they had no family there and no one would take them in. Most of the kids are Karen and some from other tribes in the area. Some are from Burma.

I ask you in Christ to please help me to be everything for the needy. We have home we can sleep in. Many of them have no home. Thank You for those who help Timothy House every month with Prayers and support. We never forget.

The Glory be to God


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