Prayers Please!!

Still Here


Sorry it has been so long since I have sent out an update. It has been very hard to write anything down. We have been very busy, just no words come. Today I am leaving to visit the two children’s homes up north that we support. We are taking them a lot of food and things they can use. Because we have children we know the important things the children need. Phimpha handed me two empty envelopes to take along with the amount of money written on each one for each house. It is their monthly support they get from us. Only problem right now we have no money for food for ourselves, so the $1,500.00 I need to put in there is going to be a bit of a stretch. Please keep us in prayer for safe travel (30 hours driving) and their monthly support.   Phimpha is staying behind with our house and a WYWAM team that I brought home yesterday. Nine young adults, which will be with us for 2 weeks for servant training.

Gotta hit the road. Will write more when I get back.

In Christ


Timothy House