Good News

Where to begin. I am having such a hard time writing lately. Not sure why. Maybe fear of what I will say. The longer I am out of touch with the world and the closer I get to what we are made to be doing the harder it is to look at the world and it’s problems. We are all searching for satisfaction in our lives but most never find it. Until we let go of our own life, we will never be satisfied. This world has nothing for me. People are the only thing that matter. The needs are so great and the help so few. We are not born to satisfy ourselves. That is what the world wants us to think. Surround yourself with pleasures and you will be happy. That’s a lie.

Change subjects.

The ministry given to us is still alive and well and growing leaps and bounds. Our kids are getting older. Two of them graduate High School this year. One will be off to college I assume the other probably not. We are looking to raise servants to carry on and help us in the ministry. It is not something we suggest to them or force them into, but we hope they head that way. Most will probably search around then come back.  As parents we try to give our children the knowledge we have learned over the years but life is not something that can be taught. It is something that is experienced and we all went through it. It never ends and God is still refining me. Usually the hard way, to get my attention.

Mo or youngest at two is still with us. Mom has no intention of taking him back as far as we can tell. He has become a big part of our family. He is very smart and picks up good and bad very quick. He understands my English and then turns to speak to his brothers and sisters in Thai. I have been here 8 years and still only know a few words in Thai.

Ying, one of the girls who ran away has been back for a while now, but struggling to stay. She wants both worlds. She wants freedom to run with the pack but also needs the security of home and mom and dad. We are praying she will choose to stay and learn but we never know with children. She was severely abused as a child and I feel it has been a big part of her having such a hard time adjusting to life as a child. She is only 14 and going through all the hormone changes and feelings of not being good enough. We continue to love her unconditionally, as Christ and God loves us.

Phimpha is away a lot, doing the work God sends her day to day. How she goes on and on I will never understand. She gets very little sleep many nights, but is always there when people or churches need help. She only survives because of the strength and support she gets from God. No one can do what she does without strength from above. I have never met another servant with her determination to follow God and His will only.

Projects? Many and ongoing. Always more work for me than I can do. The kitchen is coming along slow but moving. The water tower is up two stories high and waiting for more materials. We are working on both as we can when we can. Many days I am pulled away for other work in the ministry. I am here to support and that can be anywhere and anytime. Sitting here at the hospital with Theuy is something I must do as a father, but at the same time hard for me. At least I have no excuse now, not to write.

The trip up north last week went good as far as the traveling.  I drove over 30 hours in 3 days and was awake the whole way while driving. We dropped food and money (thanks to a friend) for the two children’s homes then headed back. The larger home, with about 40 kids now, is doing OK. The smaller one run by a young pastor and his wife is struggling. Or I should say, they are struggling with the work load and responsibility. She is not sleeping well from stress, which makes it worse. He is questioning if they are doing the right thing by running a church and taking care of so many children that are not their own. We are helping support them as much as possible. If they were not half a country away it would be easier.  We have been sending them a lot of our financial support to get them out of debt and back on their feet. It amazes me that we have it to send when most days we struggle. I thank God for all who continue to send us support. Those that follow the burden God puts in their hearts. Your reward will be great. That is a promise from the one who can make all things happen.

Our night watch guards have been very active at night around our place but very good mannered too. We had a few rains lately so things in the forest will begin to grow and we will see less of our friends at night. Makes it easier to sleep when you do not have to protect the kitchen from elephants.

This is getting long to my surprise so I will quit for now.

Always looking for good long term help. If any of you reading this are tired of your life and looking for an adventure, just ask God and let me know when to pick you up from the airport. We need help in all areas of the ministry. Personally I am waiting for Mo to learn where to go to the bathroom.  I would not miss that part of my job.

Blessing to All from Timothy House


Thank You for the prayers

I just got word from Phimpha that the HIV test for Theuy came back negative. They still do not know what the problem in her lungs is. She has had it off and on over a few years.  It has been constant the last couple of months. Malaria test was also negative.

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