Still Here.

Prayer Warriors

Still at the hospital, as of this morning. I finally had a young doctor stop by that knew English so we finally found out she does have Tuberculosis or TB for short. I read up on it because although I had heard of it all my life I never knew the disease. Wikipedia has a good description of it. One thing amazed me was the article stated:

Tuberculosis is the second-most common cause of death from infectious disease (after those due to HIV/AIDS). Never knew that.

Us in the United States, rarely hear of it, because of immunizations. It is a very common disease around the world and spreads easily. Since most of our kids have been coughing off and on for months, I assume more of our family will test positive for it. So hopefully, starting tomorrow we will begin testing our family and that will help the community to begin testing too. Most people are fearful to be tested. If one gets a disease such as TB, the people think it is from something they have done wrong and this is their punishment. They are separated or talked about as being bad.

Theuy is super thin and that is one of the long term symptoms as well. She will be on antibiotics for 6 months or so. I guess it is a hard disease to get rid of and multiple antibiotics are needed to knock it out.  The rest of our family seems to be gaining weight so God has blessed us with enough food lately. Please keep us all in prayer.

In Christ

Rodney and Theuy