Why miracles happen?

Dear Brother and Sister in CHRIST.

It has been so long since I have written. Sorry for that. I write and tell you what happens in my life, not because I want anyone to lift me up or speak of me, but because I want to encourage all of us, to follow God and his calling for us. All of us are able, through Christ, to work miracles. That is his plan. God is doing His work and His kingdom on the earth is growing. We all need to pray and move now and do the work He has preset for each one of us.

I want to tell you what happened. How God is so good and sets things everything up so well. It is not by my prayer but by His will and His doing.  I had a dream from God on Thursday and it came with the Bible passage Malachi 3:3. I told God if he wanted me to do what He was asking; He needed to do bring the people to me to give them the words that He wants them to hear.

I went down to Pattaya last Sunday to speak at a small church we work with.  While I was there I had planned to visit a member of the church who had been in the hospital with a badly swollen leg. She has been in the hospital for two nights but was not getting any better. When we arrived at the hospital we were told we had to wait in the hall, because the doctor was making his rounds in the open-ward where she was laid up. Then after about an hour we went in to visit her. The ward where she was staying is a large open room with about 50 beds. There were hospital staff working with the patients and cafeteria staff bringing food to the sick. There were many visitors there for the patients as well.  I asked her how she was doing. She was very happy to have us come. Her swollen, red leg was propped up on a pillow on the bed. I touched her swollen leg with just the tip of my finger and she cried out in pain. I spoke to her some words of encouragement and about how much God loved her. I was not going to pray for her just then, but the words I was speaking lead me in that direction. So I laid my hands on her swollen leg and prayed for healing. The others members from the church prayed with me. When I lifted my hands we looked and the swelling was gone. Her leg was the normal size, but still had many red blotches. So excitedly I laid my hands on her and we prayed again. When we were done with another short prayer her leg was totally normal. All of us were amazed, including me, that it had been such an instant healing. But that was God’s plan. Miracles are a great way for God to get people’s attention. “I asked her if there was any pain now?” She moved her foot around and said: “No.” Then she slid her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She moved around a little and was all excited she had been healed.

Because of all the excitement many people were now listening. I even heard the patient in the bed next to her laugh and make a snide remark when we started to pray for healing. She and her visitors were not laughing now. Many people were gathered around because of all the commotion and talk and excitement. They started to ask many questions. The people with me from the church began speaking to the groups around us answering many questions about who we were and how could this miracle just happen and why. We were there for 2 hours telling them about God. Word went all over the town.

When a loved one here in Thailand gets sick, the family or friends will often go to the temple. They will offer to the temple and monks everything from food to money or land. The monks really take advantage of the situation. When the family member is not healed, they tell them they need to offer more, to please the spirits that are making them sick. The fault is always placed back on them for not offering enough. If time heals the sick one then the monk gets the glory.

Now I need to tell you that that the same day we took our little 2 year old to the hospital to check him for TB. Yes I prayed for him too as always, but he was not instantly healed. Why does God heal some and not others? I do not know. He is God and He alone knows why He does what He does. I do know, that because of this one healing, His word spread like fire around town. We have had a youth camp planed for many months. We started planning for just our family and a couple others. As of this writing I have had 5 other foundations call and want to send children to our camp next month. They are asking if we will accept their kids. With many kids coming there will be many adults as well. They will stay too, because we are 3 hours one way from Pattaya. These are not all Christian foundations. I told them we will accept all. I know God will be the filter. He alone knows the heart and the ones that will hear.  So now we have a huge commitment above what we had planned but right in line with what God knew He would do all along. His plan is always to bring the lost to Him.

I want to ask all of you to pray for The Youth Camp that will be on 1-3 in April and Youth Training on 6-10 of April.  I know and I feel I am already being prayed for because the power of pray is around me. It feels like a wind on my back, pushing me forward. That wind is the power, which comes from the prayers of the righteous. God is working to protect me and you behind the scene. He even protects those that do not know Him. He alone is why we have life.

Love in Christ