To Those That Have Ears.

Brothers and Sisters


I have given up on trying to write something good. I am just going to say what I feel and hope it is what God wants me to say. I am so far behind in the news. We had the kid’s camp and it was very good with about 100 kids and some adults that had a great time for 3 days of camp. We had kids from 4 different nations represented.  Then the following week with about 30 people, we had intense training for a week on how to connect with God and how much He wants to connect with us. Many had visions and dreams during that time. God wants us to have a personal relationship with Him and the only way that will happen is when we seek it, through prayer and reading His word.


We have been going through some really hard times lately. We have both been under persecution by rumors. Little has been coming in for financial support. Because of the extra two children’s homes up north we have been really strapped and wondering why. The one children’s home up north is behind on the truck payment. Ten months behind, and the finance company was going to pick it up today. Phimpha lent 6,000.00 Baht (180.00USD) from two friends and sent it up to the director of the home. She said: “When they come to take the truck, offer them the money and ask if they can wait another 10 days to take it. As of this writing I do not know what happened. They use the truck to take the kids to school.

When we have many problems we begin to doubt in ourselves and in what we are doing.  We have been asking: “What are we doing wrong God? “ Then yesterday after many hours of prayer and worship God answered her. He gave her visions, spoke to her and gave her bible verses. He said: “Because you are going into Cambodia to start my work there, the spirit that controls Cambodia has been fighting hard against you. The spirit does not want you to go.” Satan does not care when we work hard for ourselves or only within our own denomination. But she works with all denominations and many are coming together to be a part of this women’s group. Satan does not like that, so he is fighting hard to depress her and not let her go. So now she is really determined and no matter what, she is going.


She leaves tomorrow morning for the conference in Cambodia. It was set up by the Christians there and they ask Phimpha to speak and help them set up a women’s group for Cambodia. So she is asking for many prayers for the next two days. There is a lot of so called black magic there and many spirits that are worshiped. We know satan will work hard to cause trouble, but we also know without a doubt, God’s work will be done. She asked about why so little money was coming in. She said: “All I do is for you and your kingdom. Where am I wrong? Why am I in debt all over Thailand when I do your work? People say I am wrong for debt.”  He said: “They speak as hypocrites. When they say do not debt. How many times they help you? Just I alone provide for you. I help people to get started when they are young. But then when they have much, they do not give it back to me. A few do, but the most do not. If they brought in the food my house would be full and I could feed everybody.”  He told her to read Malachi 3:10


Mal 3:10  “Bring the entire tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in my house. So, put me to the test in this right now,” says the LORD of the Heavenly Armies, “and see if I won’t throw open the windows of heaven for you and pour out on you blessing without measure.


God told her: “Do not be afraid or shamed to tell the church what I say.”

He said: “Those that have ears will hear.”


Your Brother and Sister in Christ

Rodney and Phimpha


This is a hard one to send out. But I must. Rodney


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Prayers Please

Dear Prayer Warriors
     We have been facing hard times with the new school semester for 3 weeks now. All kids still do not have enough uniforms for school. It is not just the kids here at Timothy House. Many kids in the communities do not have enough too. How do I know this? Because I get many phone calls asking for help. The first day of school two of our boys had new shoes because they move up to grade 10 and must wear black shoes now. They must leave there shoes at the door in the classrooms here. When they came back out both pair of new shoes gone. They had to walk around barefoot the rest of the day, they were so sad. I have no way to buy them more. It is 340 baht ($13.00) for one pair. My name is in dept in ever school that all kids under us go to. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chacherngsao. Eight schools in three provinces. Tomorrow is Monday and we need to buy shoes for our boys and we will need food for all 4 homes. Please pray for us during these hard times.
Your Sister in Christ
 Rodney here. This is just the tip of the iceberg. She has been under a huge amount of pressure lately that she does not speak of. Please keep her in Prayer as well as we push onward . GOD IS GOOD!!!