Hello To  All

Two more children have joined our family at Timothy House. Their names are Pet and Poy. They are not identical twins but they look very much alike. It is easier for me to know who is who if they are standing side by side. Also Pet is usually crying. The mother who is 25 has three children. Their younger brother is with grandpa who is 88 years old and not in the best of health. We are not sure yet how long they will be with us. Mom wants to work and was supposed to start last night at a factory that processes chicken. We will see how she does and go on a day by day bases. The thing is many people want to give their children to someone else to raise here. Then when the child has grown, is done with school and out working, they want the children to come home to them. Really, they want the money and the children to take care of them. It is a part of this culture that is hard for me to understand. It is always a hard decision to make. Take the child in or leave them where they are? We cannot rely on our own hearts or we would have thousands of children. We pray about each situation and child that we are asked to keep, we do what God tells us to do. Poy and Pet have been a real challenge for me. They sleep with me at night along with one or two other of the younger ones, but during the day and evening they are with our children or Saw our day helper. So they have not attached to me as much and do a lot of crying. They also need to adjust to the idea they are not the only two children in the world. They are a bit spoiled. But in time and with love they will come around. After they have been with us a few weeks it gets so hard if we must send them back to mom, but mom is where all children should be. All of our children who have a mother or father are so proud if they hear from their parents or if they stop by.

We have had a few groups come out to see us lately. They are usually from a common work place and they come out to do good merit. It is a good part of the culture here. Each person will buy what they feel we need, be it food or snacks or something for the kids to play with. We also usually get a lot of used clothing too. We are never in lack of daily clothes for the kids. Just for school clothes. When the groups come Phimpha will sit them all down and talk to them about God. Many know nothing of Christianity. The last group was large, over a 100 people. They had a lot of fun singing songs with our music equipment. Phimpha is always excited to have them come because she can share to them why we do what we do. It is not normal here for strangers to take in someone else’s child and raise them.

OH! One big thing for me is we put up the last truss on the kitchen last Friday. Still a long way to go till it is done but at least now we might get the sheet metal on so we can work out of the rain and sun to get it finished. Been a long two years getting this far but it is what it is. I think it was part of God’s plan to move the conference.

We moved the women’s conference to the high school in the town where some of our kids go to school. There will be a lot of talk in town about the conference. With about 400 people expected, it will be a very large gathering for this small town. Phimpha has already met with the school board and the director. School will be open during the conference so it should be interesting with a lot of curious on-lookers. Many have heard of Christianity but most Thai’s do not know a lot about it. It is in God’s hands. The best place for it to be.

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