The women’s conference was another success Thanks to God. He alone knows what the people need and then He calls those to deliver it. Stephen and Pamela a married couple from Arkansa were the two main speakers. Stephen is strong in the gift of healing and of imparting the Holy Spirit. He and Pamela do a tag team when they speak. If one of them speaks in tongues the other interprets. There were around 400 attending give or take. Seventy or so came out of Cambodia. They were on fire for the conference.  It was a great time with God.

Then the next week we had a small training session here at Timothy house. There were eight people from Cambodia who joined with us for the week.

It has been almost a month since I started this update. So hard to write. Moving on.

The twin girls Pet and Poy have gone to live with grandma on the mother’s side. They both came a couple of weeks back to pick them up. Phimpha talked in length to the grandmother and was very satisfied that the girls will be well taken care of. Seems when ever her and her daughter get into an argument the daughter takes Pet and Poy and runs away out of spite. We had them a few months and they were doing well in our home but it is always better if children grow up with their own family.

Many children come and go within Timothy House. We accept them into the family with love, and raise them as one family but sometimes we must let them go. God will watch over them.  Our children have learned over the years to accept all that come to stay or visit, knowing that the time may come when they will leave. It is a part of their life.

Mo just came to me with a sting from the black ants we have here. Man they hurt. Just like a bee sting. I put some salve and a bandage on it. It will not help the pain but it will help the heart.

Our kitchen has been on hold many weeks. First because of all the other work and now because of finances but that gives me time to write today.

The rains are not enough this year. The reservoirs are still very low. September is supposed to be our rainiest month so we pray for that. Our rice field is looking very poor. Nothing we can do but wait and pray. God is in control. Many people think because of the weather and earthquakes and such that the world is coming to an end soon. I do not know. God does but His word says that we will not know the day or the time of the end, so live each day being ready for all things. I think I will quit this and write another or more of a sermon. So many things have been heavy on my heart for a long time now and I need to get them out.


All our Love to you.

Timothy House

An old picture from a few years back but a good one. I was so handsome then.

Timothy House