Help and Prayers

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ


I have an emergency need to ask of you. . Yesterday I went to visit Luke and Mai in Bangkok. Luke went
out to work because someone stole all the monies he had and phone etc.
He did not want to burden us with more problems. He went to work to
try to support himself and Mai in college. He was working 10 hours a
day seven day a week. But he needs to go to school every day so I told
him to quit work. He has grown and needs a new uniform too so that was
another reason for his working.
Another need is the children’s home up north. They need money for
food and electric bill and hospital bill etc. Last week we sent monies
to them but they need to use for the hospital bills, that make it was not enough and we have had little to nothing many days now. Every month we come up and go on with what is The Grace of GOD that comes to us. But when the hard times like this come, I will need The Grace of GOD that is in your life as we are all part of the body of Christ working together. So I want to ask you to help us with the Grace that GOD our Father giving to you. I need to have 13k (baht, 365USD) today and 9k (baht, 250USD) tomorrow….Or up to your burden. So if you receive this letter today I want to let you know weneed it soon. Thank you to all

Love in Christ

Please do not be discouraged in our problems and weakness because we do not pity ourselves. Thank You to Keep Us in your Prayers.