Hello there!

     I am heading out this morning on a trip up north to Chiang Mai for a women’s conference with the Thailand Assembly of God Churches. We are picking up 15 or so Cambodians at the border this morning and squeezing them into two vehicles and traveling 15 hours today (900km)and late tonight. Please remember us in Prayers, for safe travel and for God’s anointing on the conference.  Phimpha is staying home this trip because of other commitments. A Thai pastor and I are leading up the trip. If all goes well we will return early Friday morning. 
     On a side note, we now have the kitchen roof ready to be put up. They will be working on it all week while I am gone. 
     The two pictures below are from the trip last week into Cambodia.There is much work to be done there. Not sure how it is all going to happen but we know for certain God has a plan.
In Christ