Prayers Now Please

​We are in the middle of a battle for one of the children at the Children’s Home that we help up north. The girl is 11 years old and has lived with her grandfather most all her life. Except for a few times the mother visited and she also stole the child back a year or so ago, so the girl knows her mother well enough to know she wants no part of her now. . The child does not want to go with mother because of past abuse at her hands. The mother contacted social services and the police trying to get the directors at the children’s home to give her the child. The social services department is not doing their job or being paid by the mother. They have threatened us with closing our foundation, taking away all the kids at the home up north, and threatening to put Phimpha in jail. The situation is on going with many involved. The grandfather said that the mother (his daughter) is not good. She has married a man from Malaysia and wants the child to go with her to Malayasia. The grand father said the mother will use the girl to either transport drugs or for prostitution. As of right now the girl was taken by the grandfather and they are in a mountain village. They will try to pick up up from grandfather today. He said you will have to kill me first, I will protect her.

     My heart wants to leave now to go up there to fix this problem but nothing to go with. Phimpha said we pray and ask for answer from God. If he says to go we will find a way.

Please keep the situation in Prayer. God will protect his children. So much evil but God will win in the end. He wants His people to pray and stand and fight against the dark powers.
I have to go now and will update as I hear.
Her eyes are puffy from crying.
In Christ