The Girl is Safe

The 11 year old girl we went up to help is fine.
     They placed her in a social home which is
temporary. Because of all the trouble the mother caused, it is OK for
her to be there for now. If she was at the children’s home she
would be easier for the mother to snatch. They will return her to
Grandpa later. Not sure when. The mother went to Bangkok a days
drive away.The mother really opened a can or worms for herself because of what she did. They are now investigating her and her husband. They are
checking the monies in their bank accounts. We really believe she was
going to sell the girl down in Malaysia or use her to traffic drugs. She also said she paid some of the officials to help her get the girl. Once the child entered the children’s home they would not even let the mother touch the child. We believe she is in trouble with the people that have already paid her for the child. She can not deliver. The authorities are on the case. We talked with some of the top people there to reassure them of who we are and what our foundation does. There was a lot of lies floating around spread by a lady from the social department. We invited the social department to come and sit with us while we talked to the leader but it seems they were all out of the office and no one would come. That is because they handled the whole case wrong and once we were there they feared to be exposed.
    We are back home tonight and will travel back there to bring them more paperwork sometime around the end of the month.
Thank You for all the prayers and for the help some of you sent. It was a blessing for us and for the children’s home up north. They like us were in much need. Gods blessings to all the prayer warriors. We could really see God’s hand in the whole situation. He did the work and we just followed up.
In Christ
Rodney and Phimpha