This is the story of the situation up north at the children’s home we protect. (Jireh House) Phimpha dictated it to me and asked me to let you all know so you can keep the situation in prayer. This is not the only battle we are fighting, just a heavy one for the heart right now. We do not fear at all what wGirl Jeriehill happen. We know God will work all things for His good. It is not against human flesh that we fight. We know it is against the dark powers that do everything they can to stop the work of God. Keep that in mind as you read this. Do not be angry at the ones who are against us. They are working for their Father and we are working for our Father. They do not know they are being used. They are blinded and work the world way. Pray for them, that their eyes will be open.  It is a long read but she asked that I send it, so you all understand our hearts. Jesus said we would face much persecution as He did. This is not unusual for us. If you are NOT being persecuted, then look to see what more you could be doing for God. He is our Father. We need to do His work.


On Thursday the 1st of October. A mother of one of the children came to Jireh house.  She said she wanted to see her daughter. She showed her ID to verify she is the real mother of the child. The child was in school so they advised her to go to the school to see her. She did and she spoke with the director of the school. The director took the mother to the child. When the child (Oroanut 11 years old) heard her mother was there she feared and started to cry. The mother wanted to grab her and take her with, but Oroanut would not let the mother touch her. The teacher tried to comfort the child but to not avail. Because there was such a scene the school director advised the mother to go and come after the child later. The school director also called Jireh house and reported what happened. The director of Jireh house called to the child’s grandfather who is the guardian of the child. They asked him to come down from the mountain village where he lived to help and he did. After school Oroanut came back to Jireh house and the mother showed up. The grandfather said you left the girl with me since she was 4 months old. You never cared for her until she grew up. Then when she was 6 you came and stole her from me and locked her in a room with your husband.

Later we heard this story from the grandfather. The girl was there for a year. Then one day mom’s husband told the child to go out and by him some beer. When she went out to the market to buy beer, she seen a songtow, she remembered the number of the one that went to the mountain where she lived. So she took the money, bought a ticket and got on it.  It dropped her off on the main road and she walked up the mountain alone to arrive back at grandfather’s house.

She stayed there with grandfather and went to school up on the mountain. The grandfather is old and poor and many times he could find food enough for the child and him. Other relatives there did not help the girl because the girl’s mother was not good with them, so they took it out on the child.

“Jireh” children’s home is run by Christians and they have church there. Some of the people from the mountain villages come down to worship with them. The grandfather and child would come down too. The grandfather asked the home’s director (Yose) to keep the child with him and send her to school. Grandpa said he could not care for her properly. So she lived at Jireh house. Jireh house is under our umbrella of protection through our NGO, Love and Care Project Foundation.

Back to the story: The mother said: “Right now I have married a rich man from Malaysia and I want my daughter to come to Malaysia with me.” She said she wanted to leave the next day with the child. She said her husband gave her 300,000 baht and she put a large pile of money on the table in front of Yose and the grandfather. She said “Here dad! Take 100,000 and Yose, you take 100,000 and I will take the girl now.” The grandfather turned and spoke to Jose. He said: “I really know my daughter is not good and will use her for drug trafficking or prostitution. Even if they kill me, do not let the girl go with mom.”  The girl cried loudly when she heard the conversation. It caused such a commotion all the children living there came out to see what was going on. Mali (daughter-in-law of Yose) spoke to the mother and said: “Can you calm down? You will always be the mother. Can you come every day and build a relationship with your daughter.” We will help you. Please trust us.” The mother agreed, calmed down and left for the day. But the next day mother came back with a social worker and two policemen and came to Jireh house. She said: “I will take my daughter now.” It was early morning and the children had not left for school yet. The social worker said loudly: “I work by laws I have rights to the child, I will shut down this home if you do not give me the child today.” The grandfather said: “You will need to kill me first.”The child ran to grandpa. The grandfather and child were both crying but stood together. The mother ran to the child, trying to grab her. The child was holding on to grandfather. The social worker said to the child: “Come with me. I will shut down this house and you will have no place to live:” The grandfather said: “Shut up! You must kill me before I will give you this child.” Finally the police who had been watching this whole confrontation stepped in and said to the social worker: “Stop! Leave her alone, this way is wrong. If you want to do it this way we will not help.” When the mother heard this she turned to the police and social worker and said: “Please! Help me now! How much more money do you want to help me now? I will give it to you.” The policeman took the social worker by the arm and they left.

The next day the girl went to school for part of the “End of Semester” testing. After school the grandfather arrived and took the child back to the mountain village for the weekend where they live. The following Monday morning the police called to Jireh House and said they needed to come to a meeting about the case. Yose took grandfather along to the meeting. At the meeting the social worker said: Your children’s home is not registered under the social department. I will shut it down and remove all the children if you do not give me the child today. So you must force the girl to come with me today.” She spoke many threats. No discussion just the threats. Yose and the grandfather left to return to Jireh house. That afternoon the social worker and the mother went back to the school where the child was. They would not listen for the teacher who said the girl was in the middle of testing. The social worker kept proclaiming: “The home is not registered and we will shut it down.” The children from Jireh House were all there listening to the threats of the social worker.  The mother asked the kids standing there to help her grab the child. She said: “Kids I will give you big money if you help me.” The mother spoke to the social worker: “I will pay you more, how much do you need?  The social worker grabbed the child and took her to the police station. Grandfather and Mali went to the police station to try to get the child back. But to no avail. The girl was put into the social children’s home.

They contacted me many times by phone when all this was taking place. I spoke with the police but they would only listen to the social worker. So finally I called the military commander in charge of Chiang Mai province.

Side note:  In every province of Thailand the military is in control because we are still under military rule. I believe the military rule for now, is a good thing and the corruption of this case is a small part of what the current Prime Minister is trying to eradicate from the system.


I told the commander the whole situation and what had happened.  He stepped into the middle of the situation. He started to do a background check on the mother. He found out she had police records for prostitution and drug dealing. The Commander told the social worker: “Do not allow the mother to take the child. Also, take the mother to the hospital for evaluation. They did and the doctor who examined her said: “She is not competent to care for a child. She needs 6 months of medication and then we will re-evaluate her.” The mother was not happy to hear that. She left the area and went to Bangkok. (14 hours away by car) She called Mali by phone and tried to befriend her with a pity voice. She asked Mali to please help her get her child back.  Unknown to Mali, the mother was also talking to another person on the phone.  She had a man on hold. The mother went to put Mali on hold to talk with this man, but instead of being on hold, Mali heard the whole conversation and was also recording the phone call. The mother said: “Please send me more money. I still do not have the girl.” The man replied: “I already sent you enough money for her.” The call dropped after that.

I, Phimpha, have had many calls from the social workers all threatening me. They want the names of all the children that the home takes care of and continue to threaten the workers there and me with closing the home. When I went up there to meet with the Commander last week, I asked them to bring up people from the social dept. and police dept. to have them sit in on the meeting. But the word came back that there was no one in the social office, just a volunteer. No police or social worker wanted to discuss it. The commander called and set up a meeting for me with the head of the district where the children’s home is located. I met with him he said he would confirm my work. I need to send him some papers but he will back me up on my word for now. To date, no one has contacted him.

I still receive threats almost daily from people in the social department. They have asked me: “Why do I work with the tribal people. They are not Thai. They are not educated. They are only good for physical labor.” They say if I help them I am against the Thai laws. They said to me: Why do you care?” They said, Yose, the homes director, has no education.  He has an ID card only because of the king. What they are really saying is, “They are like a dog.”  She will not listen to anything I say. They said if they do not get the children’s information by tomorrow they will bring charges against Yose.

I stand between the social department and Yose and the tribal people. I fight against satan. Please Pray! I know my father and serve him. They serve their father, satan.  They do not even know what they are doing. This is between satan’s powers and God’s kingdom. I know they are used by satan but my human side wants to fight against them. Right now I want wisdom and need to hear God clearly. I ask for strength to stand and not take revenge. I told them I will come up there on the 26th. Leave Yose and his family alone. You are welcome to turn charges against me, I am the leader.

Yose has been working there with many children for 5 years or more. He does not ask money from the parents, like many children’s homes in that area do. He is doing God’s work. Their children’s home is lacking. They do not have enough to bring the facilities up to government standards. They do what they can with what they have. Everyday my heart breaks hearing all the bad talk between God’s children. He loves all people. Not just certain ones. He died for us all. Please stand with us in prayer.

In Christ