Help needed on this case.

I am writing this for Phimpha. She dictated it to me and asks me to send it out.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

We are involved in a case with some Vietnamese children and a man who man who is Vietnamese and a Canadian citizen. He is going from church to church saying he is a Reverend and is going to start an international school. He has told many he already has the school in place. He shows paperwork from The International School of Alberta Canada. He claims to have permission from them to open a school. He has tried to do this in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand that we know of. He has a warrant out for his arrest in Vietnam where he has taken a lot of funds from several families. He took some of their children to Thailand with the promise that they would eventually be taken to Canada to finish their education. He also has an open case in Thailand initiated by us. What he has tried to do has fallen apart again and he abandoned the Vietnamese children in Thailand. He steals from the innocent and delivers nothing in return. Many things that he took on loan from a church and items that were purchased for him by others for his work he has sold. Church musical and sound equipment. Three sewing machines, and a large refrigerator, bicycles, among other all things he had received were sold by him.

He is now out working again to swindle more people at other churches. He also has others out spreading his lies too.  The children have tried to speak out but no one would listen to them because they are just children and he threatened them with a lot of trouble to control them. He also took their passports so he could control them.

We are asking you all to help us with this case. Phimpha is leaving in a few hours to fly to Vietnam to meet with some of the victims and to talk to the churches there to try to straighten out and help as much as we can. We work to fight the oppressed as best we can but right now we need some help. We need prayers and financial help. She must travel with an interpreter who has been working with us many months on the case. We have purchased tickets and they leave this afternoon, but she has no money for traveling. At least not enough for hotels and a vehicle to get around. Also they need to travel to other cities for the case. We are looking for about 6,000 baht (200 USD)today. This is just the beginning of the work in Vietnam. She will need to go back again. Please Pray for us on this work and help us if you can.

Currently four of the children are living with us. We have them enrolled in school and are working to have them finish High School here. They cannot do it back in Vietnam now, because they have been gone almost two years.

Phimpha ask him if he felt bad at all for abandoning the children? He said no and blamed it on them. She asked him if he feared God for what he had done? Again he said no.


In Christ

Rodney and Phimpha

Siam Commercial Bank

Account Number: 1932043968

Name on Account: Phimpha Wojciechowski

Update from Timothy House

So much has been going on I am just going to touch on many subjects a little. If anyone ever has any questions about anything I write, or any questions about us, or the ministry, or any questions about anything. We will do our best to answer.

The kitchen roof is on and has been for 6 weeks or so. It felt so good to see it done. I, because of injuries, did not put one screw in the sheeting. That was hard for me to do. Next step is a lot of cement. But we wait till the rice harvest is done and funding to do it. It is down on the list right now as far as priorities. We need to have it farther along, hopefully by the end of March. We are planning for it to be the main building for the youth camp. The youth camp has gotten to big this year so we are trying to thin out some of the children. We will concentrate on teaching children that appear to have a natural talent to be leaders. If you work with a lot of children you know who the leaders are. We are asking the adults to send the leaders who we can teach so they in turn can teach the others. If we let all the children come we will not be able to do a good job for the camp. So far we have children coming from Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

Phimpha is going into Cambodia tomorrow to see how many children there are in 3 of the churches there. We are working on setting up some gift bags for the kids for Christmas. Four hundred bags are what we are hoping for. Just small items will be in there. School supplies, personal hygiene items, and a small toy of some kind. Not sure what all we can pull together. Time is running out. The shoe boxes that come from other countries are great, but because of the way they are handled here we feel it is not in line because of the fee’s they attach to giving them out. So we are forgoing them.

We now have some children staying with us from Vietnam. They are in school here with our children. They were abandoned by someone who promised them an education. Two are here now with four more and a mother to come a little later on. It is a long story. The main problem is they have little choice now to continue their education. They have been out of school too long to return to Vietnam. They would have to start back in the seventh grade.  We will help them to get through Grade 12. We do not know their future beyond that. The case is “on going” so I will write more another time.

We had a Pastor and his wife, bring an elder and his wife to talk to us a couple of weeks ago. They were from Laos. The stories they tell put our suffering to shame. The pastor gratefully remarked that he had not been arrested since 2012. The last time they arrested him he knew it was coming because God told him he would be arrested. God also told him he would be released. He held on to that promise while they beat him. They talked about tying his hands and throwing him into the water to kill him but they did not.  He did not fear because He trusted God’s word and he was released after a week. The elder was arrested too but I did not hear his story. There is a lot of persecution in Laos. They are locking or burning the churches and killing the pastors. The pastor is very strong in the Holy Spirit and is looking to work with us. We will follow Gods lead there.

“Jireh House” The Children’s home in Chiang Mai is still under pressure from the social department and the children’s school. The social worker did a good job of turning the teacher’s against the children from the mountain tribes so we had 38 of the middle school children moved to a Private Christian school in the area. We now have a 40,000 baht bill to pay there. The older kids are still OK where they were.  With so much going on we are living day to day to keep them and us in food and the bills paid. Phimpha is traveling up there again on the 29th. Three of the tribes in the area along with some of the government officials are coming to Jireh house to meet and they want to talk with Phimpha. Wish I could be there for that one, it should be good.

We live by Faith everyday and wait for God to supply that days needs. We had a good month for funding and it helped us get caught up some, but the needs are becoming greater and greater. Keep the prayers coming.

We had a little better harvest for our rice field this year. After some for a disabled person in that area and some for the friends who helped us harvest we ended up with 8 large bags of rice. A little less than half of that after it is processed. It should keep us in rice for 3 months. The harvest season is a happy time for the farmers. They get paid for the years work.  Rice is used as a currency to pay people. It is not an exact science with scales. It is mostly done by honor and trust.

Phimpha was talking to the neighbor in the field next to ours. She remarked how she felt she was blessed because her field is next to ours. She said every time we visited our rice field and then left, the rains would come and water our field as well as hers. She said they did not expect so much rice because of the little rain this year. But it came when it was needed so the rice was better that they had hoped for. God and Phimpha are working on her. Everyone in the area knows we are Christian and word gets out. I am hoping to get a pump for next year so we can get water to the field better. But maybe it is not in God’s plan. If we had the pump we might not have prayed for the rains. Our field would have been good, the neighbors bad. Just because we want something and pray and do not get it does not mean it was an unanswered prayer. What lengths does God go to, to save a person? I believe far more than we can imagine. No material thing in all the world is worth one soul.


Your brothers and sisters at Timothy House.