Help needed on this case.

I am writing this for Phimpha. She dictated it to me and asks me to send it out.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

We are involved in a case with some Vietnamese children and a man who man who is Vietnamese and a Canadian citizen. He is going from church to church saying he is a Reverend and is going to start an international school. He has told many he already has the school in place. He shows paperwork from The International School of Alberta Canada. He claims to have permission from them to open a school. He has tried to do this in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand that we know of. He has a warrant out for his arrest in Vietnam where he has taken a lot of funds from several families. He took some of their children to Thailand with the promise that they would eventually be taken to Canada to finish their education. He also has an open case in Thailand initiated by us. What he has tried to do has fallen apart again and he abandoned the Vietnamese children in Thailand. He steals from the innocent and delivers nothing in return. Many things that he took on loan from a church and items that were purchased for him by others for his work he has sold. Church musical and sound equipment. Three sewing machines, and a large refrigerator, bicycles, among other all things he had received were sold by him.

He is now out working again to swindle more people at other churches. He also has others out spreading his lies too.  The children have tried to speak out but no one would listen to them because they are just children and he threatened them with a lot of trouble to control them. He also took their passports so he could control them.

We are asking you all to help us with this case. Phimpha is leaving in a few hours to fly to Vietnam to meet with some of the victims and to talk to the churches there to try to straighten out and help as much as we can. We work to fight the oppressed as best we can but right now we need some help. We need prayers and financial help. She must travel with an interpreter who has been working with us many months on the case. We have purchased tickets and they leave this afternoon, but she has no money for traveling. At least not enough for hotels and a vehicle to get around. Also they need to travel to other cities for the case. We are looking for about 6,000 baht (200 USD)today. This is just the beginning of the work in Vietnam. She will need to go back again. Please Pray for us on this work and help us if you can.

Currently four of the children are living with us. We have them enrolled in school and are working to have them finish High School here. They cannot do it back in Vietnam now, because they have been gone almost two years.

Phimpha ask him if he felt bad at all for abandoning the children? He said no and blamed it on them. She asked him if he feared God for what he had done? Again he said no.


In Christ

Rodney and Phimpha

Siam Commercial Bank

Account Number: 1932043968

Name on Account: Phimpha Wojciechowski