Long Overdue

Hi to everyone.


First off I had no idea I was so far behind on my updates. People have been writing and asking what is going on. Then I just checked and found I have not written since December. Sorry for that. No excuse.


I will catch up some. I had a two week trip back to MN much to the surprise of my family there. My sister who was here in November, decided after she returned home, that I need to see the family, so she bought me a ticket. I arrived Christmas Eve and only a couple of people knew I was coming. It was an amazing trip for me. I saw all three of my Children and all the grand children. (12-13 not sure any more)  That was a gift from God as they live all over the States.

Moving on. The kids from Vietnam are all currently back in Vietnam but will return to us in the next week or so. All six of them were here and they will all return to us. We are still working on getting them here long term. I will try to keep you updated more when I find out what is the next move for them.

The kitchen is coming along nicely. We are currently putting up walls and building cement counters for the serving area. It is nothing like a residential kitchen. It is more like a cafeteria. It has to be with the way we will use it. The biggest hurdle has been trying to make it elephant proof. Not an easy thing because of their strength and the commitment they have to their stomach. I have to make the walls strong enough so they can not push it down. If you could see the size of the

trees they just push over to get to the branches you would understand. With a six foot long nose there is no way to hide the smell of ripe fruit from them that will be stored there.

There has been a flurry of activity sense I arrived back here in January. There have been many of the “groups” coming out. They are bringing us a lot of food and some funds too. We have been giving it away by the truck load to those in need around us. More are calling and asking to come out. I am not sure how long this will continue. It is a great time to talk to them about the love of Christ. They are looking to do a good deed by coming so we tell them why we do what we do. Our name is spreading a lot around the area. Some are coming from Bangkok. A three hour drive one way. They say they feel different when they come here. They do not know what it is but we know it’s the Holy Spirit and God who is trying to reach them. We are planting a lot of seeds. Some are becoming Christian. They usually go to a school or a temple but they say they never feel good like when they come here. The testimonies of the ones that have been here is what keeps more coming. A lot of talk about our work.

On the down side, the amount of persecution we have been under lately has been staggering. satan never leaves us alone. he is always after us from many angles. We have had two visits from the social department. They even came the last time with two empty vans. Seems they thought they were going to take all our kids away. They really underestimate our God. He never fails to protect us. He not only protects us He turns it back on their own heads. I wish I could tell you all that has been going on but it would be no small book of stories. Keep us in prayer. We are not worried but it is a thorn in the side when there is so much persecution. The good thing is it spreads Gods name everywhere. They know we are Christian and that is a big part of the persecution. I have never seen Phimpha respond to the persecution before. But she did a couple of weeks ago. She felt God wanted her to respond so she did.  She wrote a letter to the authorities and when they received it they spoke about us in a meeting. The leader said he has never heard anyone speak like she did in that letter. He told all the departments to help us any way they can if we need help. God always wins when one follows Him.  But we also know satan never leaves us alone so that is why we always ask for prayer. It protects us. Nothing else can.

One quick story about Mo our four year old child. Then I will let you go. He is from the sex trade in Pattaya. When he came to us he would not cry. I watched him get smacked in the head with a heavy wooden swing shortly after he came to us and it left a welt but he never cried. I do not know what he was treated like before he came to us but I know it was not with love. He cries all the time now. I have spoiled him as I do all the children. That is my job as Daddy. The thing I wanted to tell you about him is he does not have a security object that he carries around like most children do when they are ready to sleep. I have raised a few kids and seen many raised and some have a blanket, some a stuffed toy, some suck a thumb or fingers. But Mo I am his security. Well not all of me, just the loose skin on my elbow when my arm is straight out. He started with rubbing my arm when we got him. Then he found the loose skin between your thumb and finger and he used that for a short time. Then he found the loose skin on the elbow and he just loves it. He rolls it between his fingers and falls to sleep. Many times during the day he will come over and feel it and then go back to playing. If my arm is bent he straightens it to feel. If I am wearing long sleeves he makes me pull them up so he can feel. At night he comes close to hold it then quickly goes back to sleep. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen for security. He even tries to get others to feel me because he thinks it is so great they need to know. So there is one thing old saggy skin is good for. At least for Mo.



Blessing to all from all of us here at Timothy House.



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