A Hard Read

  Sometimes things get trapped in my head and I need to spit them out to get rid of it. This writing is one of them. It is not pretty or easy to read. I believe it is from the Spirit and I know people do not want to hear it. I answer to the one who has control of my soul.



     What is a soul worth? Or to put it more into perspective. What is a human life worth? What would you give so that one person would be kept from the second death? What do you think it would be worth to that one person if they would be allowed to enter into eternity instead? If you were that person it would be immeasurable.

     What are you willing to suffer on this world, in your lifetime here, to save that one person? Does this sound too far out? Something we need not think about or deal with? What does Jesus tell us about the most important thing we can do in this life? First is to Love God wholeheartedly. Second is to love our neighbor as ourselves.

     Why do I bring this up again? Because I am human. I want many things in my life to make me satisfied. God can give them to me and I look to Him for some and try to take some for myself. Lately I want to quit. To have a normal life, to take care of just my own children. Take time for myself and buy things for myself. More than just a snack or cup of cheap coffee. So I need to keep reminding myself. WHAT AM I WILLING TO DO TO SAVE ONE MORE PERSON? I think about crazy things like this. I need to keep reminding myself.  “This short life is NOTHING.”  There is no way we can comprehend what Heaven and eternity will be like. Our minds are not capable of comprehending something we do not know.  I am free to imagine all I want, but it will not be what I imagine when I get there. How can we imagine the feelings or pleasures when we have never been in that realm? Heaven is not a continuation of this life. We are so trapped in these shells. Our minds are so limited to what we can think or do. We feel we are smart. We call God on the carpet for doing things we think are wrong in our opinion. How dare us. God tells us His thoughts and ways are higher than ours and not just by a little. We feel it is a bad thing if someone dies young. Or if there are great disasters that take many lives. I feel the same. But what if we knew without a doubt, “It is better to be dead than alive.”  Can you imagine that? If that is true, and I believe it is, then we need to celebrate when someone is done with this world. Some live in such pain they want to die to be at peace. Some feel there is nothing to live for anymore so they just let go and die. This is not uncommon. God alone knows what is best. He is the one we deal with after our life in this realm ends. I always joke and ask. “Why does no one come back from the dead? Because they do not want to.” The glories of the next world are so far beyond what we can imagine no one wants to go back to a life on earth. Satan wants us to believe and fight for our lives. Take all we can for our own pleasure! We are not hurting anyone else so it is OK! Every sin we commit is because we want something that we do not have. We make the decision to go against the two rules of Christ. It’s that darn free will He gave us. There I go, blaming God for my own sins.

     If we truly love our neighbor as ourselves, then we will do everything in our power to bring them along with us to heaven. All that we have would be expendable to be used to achieve that purpose. All that we have. Spare nothing for ourselves. Am I willing to go without what I want, for my neighbors sake. Or do I go the 10 percent tithe. Do I give tithes because I can use it as a tax deduction? Do I stop giving to God if it does me no good for taxes? Are taxes of satans world or Gods? Do I only care about the IRS or am I really looking to build my treasures in Heaven? What do you think is more important after we die? Do not get attached to your life in this world it is very temporary. The next one for eternity is the one that counts. Yet we work so hard to retire in this world then die. Hoping we have done enough good deeds to make it to heaven. Wake up!! Our retirement is in HEAVEN!! Why waste your life trying to have 20 good years here and throw away heaven. That is the lie satan has us believing. Eternity is forever, this life is not. Doing good is not a way to get to Heaven. You cannot do anything beyond accepting the free gift to get to heaven. No amount of being good in this world will get you there. That does not mean you can do anything and get there too. If you love God and your neighbor, doing good is natural. All sin is from selfishness. Pure and simple.  

     So I will not quit the work I do here because I know without a doubt this is where God wants me right now. As much as I want to quit and go home and enjoy life with my children and grandkids I cannot. This life means nothing if I enjoy it and loose the next. I need to keep reminding myself, “What am I willing to do to save one more soul?” Truth be told. I do not feel I am doing enough yet. Not even close.    



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