Quick Prayer Request

Prayer Warriors

     We again need prayer. We are starting our annual Youth Camp tomorrow and need prayers for all who will come. We ask for God’s touch to be upon those who attend. We are expecting about 180 to be part of the camp. Not including the 20 or so adults that are needed to run the camp. It will kick off tomorrow evening 31st. and go till noon on the 2nd of April. We are totally without any funds right now to work with but it will go on. God will do His part, we need to have the Faith to move forward. We have two weeks of training session after the camp. 

     Also the social department is working hard to stop our ministry and bring charges against Phimpha. She is on her way as I write to an appointment with the government officials. She is asking for Prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit to answer the accusations they will throw at her today. She has been under persecution for years and knows God will do His part, we just need to Pray and follow His lead. It has been wearing on her lately. She is tired.


Thank You for Praying with us.

Rodney and Phimpha

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