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Hello from Thailand

The youth camp went good again this year. We had a few snags so we were about 50 kids short but the ones that came had a great time. Around 130 youth this year. We always get compliments about how good the kids are. They do not fight and they follow along and pay attention. Not like the other camps. That is a testimony in itself for Christianity. Thank you all for the prayers and for those who helped us financially to make it happen.

Stephen and Pamela Parker from Arkansas have been doing training for the new generation here at Timothy House. We are taking a break for the holidays then will hold classes again on Monday and Tuesday of next week. We thank God for their answer to serve God here in Asia. Not just Thailand.  We are hoping they can return and speak in June for a meeting of the pastors of our area. It will only happen by the grace of God.

The day after the youth camp our newest driver sent our truck off the road in heavy rain on a curve. Everyone was OK, but not the truck. He took out two cement post and finally was stopped by a tree. It is in the shop and we are Praying for finances to be able to pick it up tomorrow. The estimate was 30,000 baht (about 1,000 USD). There are over 600,000 kilometers on that truck and the engine is showing signs of wear but it is still in good enough shape to fix again.

Songkran is in full swing here. It is the biggest holiday in Thailand. Please keep all people in prayer as there is a lot of drinking, drugs and parties. Many are being killed. This year is worse than last year so far. We still have today and tomorrow to go then it winds down. Most celebrate through the weekend. I pulled the following out of the paper.

The first two days of the Songkran festival’s “seven dangerous days” saw 116 people lose their lives on the nation’s roads, nearly double last year’s tally. 

There have been many people coming out to visit us here at Timothy House to do good works. (merit) Many tell us they feel so good here when they arrive and step out of their vehicle. We have heard it many times. We know it is the Holy Spirit and His presence here they feel. Another thought I had the other day is it could be because the spirits that they usually have in them leave. God’s presence, through the Holy Spirit, drives evil away. Buddhists worship and bow down to many idols here. It opens the door for the spirits to enter into them.  When they arrive here and do not feel the weight of the spirits they feel free and released. It happens time and time again. Phimpha speaks to them as a group and individually and the seed is planted. Through God it will grow.

It has been 100 degrees most every day for the last few weeks. The farmers are under extreme water rationing and people are being asked to conserve. The reservoirs are the lowest I have ever seen during my 9 years here. Pray for rain for us.

Pray for the lost around the world. God wants all to come to Him.

Your friends in Christ at Timothy House

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