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This is another burden from my heart. Is it of God? I do not know but I know it will not leave till I get it down on paper. Then sit on it till I am sure before sending it out to the small world of our friends who follow and pray for us, who support us with their hard earned income. We are all of one body with many parts and God’s ministry here goes on by your efforts. Without the prayers we have no protection. We have no backing. We can do nothing without God backing us up. If we are not following His will for us then our work is in vain.

I wish I could give a clear picture of all that the ministry here entails. Actually I do not know how many we help or all those we touch. My work is different than Phimpha’s work. Our paths do not cross often enough or long enough for us to keep track of all that the other is doing. We each have our part of the ministry and they are very different. She is the main driving force because of the burden she has from God. I am mostly support in the way of taking care of the home place when she is out. And I do a lot of driving as well. Not as much as her though.

We have the children. They are getting older. We raise them to be servants for God. What their individual calling is is something each one needs to hear from God. As parents or step-parents we guide them but God has their path. All we are looking for is help for the harvest.  From them or anyone that is called. Are you being called?

I hesitate to call what we do a ministry. It is just life. Day in and day out. No different in many respects than your own life. It is not something we think about or plan for. We just follow what God wants us to do and we pray that we are on the right path. I know there are times we get off but God will guide us back to His will. He knows the work He has for us to do while we are on this earth. All we need to do is pick up our cross daily and follow Him. Your life is not your own. The sooner we understand that the better our life will be. Better does not mean luxuries or wealth or fun things for just us. I am talking about the satisfaction one feels when they know they are in God’s will for them. It is like no other. Not all fun and games. It can be very hard and trying but you will never regret it. The only regrets you will have late in life are not doing what God has planned for your life.

The life we live is not glamorous. We are not looking for that and rightly so. It is not about us. It is about those we touch. The countless lives we save. The seeds we sow. It is about working together as Christians to be the body of Christ. To be the church. It is not a building. It is all our lives together working for the same goal. Never forget how short this life is. How little it really matters to us. If you are looking for glory and praise from man then that is all you will get. Personally I want the reward in the next life. Not this one. Satan has so many of us believing we need to worry about this life. Jesus said God knows when a sparrow falls to the ground. If He cares for a tiny insignificant sparrow, what does He want for us? So much more than we can know or imagine.

I wish more of you could come here and experience the joy and see the miracles and the lives we get to touch. I get to play with the children that come to visit us, many children. I am cautious with them. They are not used to affection. They do not understand. When they are comfortable with me I give them a hug. Some look at me so strange. They do not know how to respond. It might take them a while but eventually they let the walls down and accept it. Some come with such scowls on their face. No joy I can see. If I do my job well they turn. They begin to smile more; do better at home, in school. They will run to me next time they come.  They hug me and will not let go. I truly believe some have never had a hug. I cannot speak to them much but they know they are loved when they come to Timothy House. Sometimes they come back with that scowl and I have to get them going again. Yesterday one of the hardest came back. I had not seen her for at least a month. She ran to me with open arms. It is my reward for being so far from my own family and grandchildren that do not know me like the little ones do here. Not all of us are called to a foreign country. But for certain we are all called to do our part, whatever that is. Find you part in God’s calling and live life to the fullest.

This is getting long and still I want to go on. I thank all who helped us through the last few weeks. We were blessed beyond our expectations. It got us moving again on projects. We are never just sitting waiting. There is always work to be done.

We have many kids that are getting up there in years. They are moving on to new schools. This year is going to be trying financially. We currently have three in college, two in Technical school, the rest in the schools nearby.

The children’s home up north we help support also has children in College this year. The primary school up there is changing the color of their uniforms so we need to send thousands of baht to them for at least two changes of clothes for each child. God’s work here has grown so large now. I do not know all we take care of. I do know it is by the grace of God that it all works. God is the one who lays out the work. Our part is to follow. Your part is to follow His will for your life.

Our new kitchen is far enough along to move into now. The wiring and lights and the roof under the roof and the elephant railing can all be done as we go. We have not moved over yet but any day now. The old kitchen has served us well but it will soon topple. The trees that have grown up around the roof and are the only thing holding the place up. God is good for even the small things.

I will part with a quick story of Faith. Phimpha’s faith, not mine. Phimpha ordered two septic tanks and two water tanks that we needed from a salesman that works our area. The truck dropped them off the other day and the salesman was going to stop by and collect for them except we had no money to pay him with. He called the day before and said he would be out to see us and collect. She told him we had no money but to come ahead as God would take care of it. I bet he thought that was a little strange. Then a few hours before he came we had a group of students stop by. We fed them and they entertained our kids for an hour or so and left us an envelope with almost enough to cover the tanks. I gave her the last I had in my wallet and she took the last she had and gave it to the salesman when he arrived. We were short about 50 USD so she told him to note it on the bill and we would get it to him. He said he would cover it. He wanted to do something good. I thought she was crazy to tell him to come in the first place as we had nothing and the bill was around $600.00 but she has the faith and God honors that. This is His work and He needs to provide for us. He always does. Be it last minute, but He does.


All Blessing to all of you from us here at Timothy House

Pictures? The new kitchen the old kitchen, one of the many groups that come out, and Gam sleeping.

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