Living in the grace of God.

That is what I feel like it has been the last couple of weeks. We just keep moving step by step. Doing what we can for that day with what we have. Almost always in need of help and finances but just keep moving. No time to sit and think about what we have or have not just do what we can every day. Day after day and the weeks roll by and the months and the years and still it is the same but along the way people hear about God. They come to us by the grace of God.  We give out what we get, give out what we have, advise, food, help in physical and mental and plant seeds. In the end they come to Christ and salvation. God completes the work by His power. Our job is not to do what we think we need to do, our job is to follow His will for us every day. If we stop to think about what we do not have we get down as anyone would. There are good times and hard times. Times of harvest times to plant. But His will be done.

Two weeks ago we took a truck load of goods to the children’s home up north. I wanted to get tires on the truck before we left as they are getting pretty thin on rubber. We could not.  But we go anyway. Just pray and go. We made it there with a lot of weight then head home. The truck is bouncing because one of the tire tread is separating. But we make it home. God is good. Then yesterday I needed to pick up five people and deliver them to the conference we have going on right now. I tried to buy a used tire to replace the bulging one. They wanted too much for it so I bought gas instead and headed out. Pray and go. I stopped to pick up the people and checked the tire, the steel tread was sticking out of the tire. I had to find a used one. We drove to a shop and they had one for a good price so we put it on. Now I did not have gas money to get home but at least I could get there to drop them off. One step at a time. Then one of the pastors offered me some money and I had gas to get home. God is good.

This morning Phimpha messaged me to ask for prayer for food for today for the conference. When she left Monday night for the conference she had nothing to make it happen. But it was set up so we go on. How we make it many days I do not know but God always makes a way. Some days we pray that He would make it easier. Send us help before we are desperate. But it is His kingdom. He does things his way. He knows what we all need and He gives when He wants. He is God. I will fill in more on the conference after I hear how it went. We would appreciate prayers for it. It ends tomorrow.

Last month for a short time we had abundance. It was amazing. This month so little but the work is still there the ministry goes on.  We do our part and He must do His.

We had some young friends from America come to visit last month. It is always nice to have young people come with a heart for God. They brought a baby who was a big hit with the Thai people because of his blue eyes and white skin. The poor baby was passed around a lot but he took it well. They left last week and we are missing them already. Perhaps they will return one day. When people come to us we do not always know how it will go. Plans are made to get things done but in the end God controls the visit. What He wanted them here for is fulfilled by Him.

Sorry I seem to be all over the place today and mostly not good. I wanted to write a lot but no time. I need to send this out and get moving.

Follow God everyday and it will go well with you and your life. I am not saying easy but the best and most satisfying. Our life is short and there is a lot of time to rest after we are gone, or no rest, depending on the choices you make today.


All Our Love to You

Timothy House

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