Hello to all!

There are many things I wanted to write about. I will start with letting everyone know we are no longer a foundation. Phimpha was trying for a long time to change our address on the foundation from our old to our current. For some reason this is difficult and after many months she decided to close the foundation and reopen it at our present district. But she felt so free with it being closed she has not reopened it. Nothing has changed in our work. It has increased but that has been happening for the almost 10 years I have been here. So now we are just Love and Care Project. What she was when God put her and I together.  Unless something else happens I think we will remain this way for the foreseeable future. We basically run on her name and reputation now. I am sure when some people find this out they will use it to attack us more but that does not worry us. God is backing us up. Without Him we are nothing.

We seem to have become a lot more of a distribution center or food shelf so to speak.  We have been taking truck loads of supplies to many locations. Not to mention the many families we support in the villages near us who come by for food. A lot of used clothing too. We can give so much out because the groups I have talked about that continue to come with a lot of living supplies. We are having 1-3 or more groups every weekend. Many of them say the same thing. We feel so good just driving on to the property. It is like a breath of fresh air. They come out and feel so good inside (God touches them) from being here they tell their friends and word spreads and more people come.  Last weekend over 200.  Phimpha sits them down and tells them what they always ask.  “Why do you do this work for the underprivileged?”  She cannot answer that without telling them about God because He is our reason for helping. God told her to quit her nursing job and work with the poor. She followed His calling and His Ministry continues to grow. She speaks to many government people also because of the persecution we get. satan likes to cause trouble but God takes it and uses it as an opportunity for her to speak in government offices about Christ. Not just a couple of minutes, most times an hour or more. Try that in America. Last week we even delivered a load to the social department for them to distribute. I am getting many hours and days behind the wheel. Last week I took a load up north and had the gas to get there but not back, as usual. I am driving up there thinking, I have a truck load of food yet not enough in the pocket to return home. Seemed rather comical to me. God came through for me as He always does. Day by day we get what we need in many different ways and by many different people. It has taken me a long time to get comfortable with living day by day or hour by hour.

We have taken in another teenage girl as of a couple of days ago. Not sure what the count is now for our kids. Just feed whoever is here and hungry. Always have some extra adults living here now too. Mostly the disabled. They like all the happenings I suspect. When you are bound to a wheel chair life can get pretty boring for some.

I want to keep this positive so I will not speak of the heartaches we see and hear about.  So many blessings and so much pain at times. Imagine how God feels. He wants to Bless us. All we need to do is ask and believe.

Please Keep us in Prayer

From our hearts to yours.

Timothy House