Short Update

Short Update.
Woke up last night to a very loud sound of something rustling around in my room. Half in a daze I thought, what the heck is in here? Then I realized it was next to my open window. A medium size elephant was pulling up the flowers that grow outside my window. They have not been much trouble lately but come by now and then just to say Hi and let us know they are still around. They will be back more when the dry season comes.
I wanted to tell a quick story. A few weeks ago Phimpha was at a conference. There were around 400 attending. They were in worship and prayer and Phimpha was near the stage praying when the Holy Spirit said: “There is a lady here tonight who is planning to commit suicide when she goes back to her village. I want you to pray with her.” Phimpha replied: “Lord I do not want to just speak out and ask who it is. Lord you know who it is, tell me her name. “ The Holy Spirit told her the first and last name. Phimpha was standing next to a microphone so she reached over and said. “The Holy Spirit just told me that ______ . You are planning to commit suicide and God wants to help you.” The lady stood up and began to cry. Phimpha prayed for her.
It is amazing how God can know everything about each one of us. He knows our name and He knows what we are thinking. He wants to help us. He is such a personal God. At times we think we are alone and no one knows or cares. God knows and He cares and He wants the best for us. He will use others to try to get through to us. He is pure Love.
Jesus said a sparrow does not fall to the ground unnoticed by His Father. How can any being keep track of billions of people and animals and planets and universes? It is beyond comprehension. God is God. There is no other.
Please pray for Thailand and for God’s kingdom to be revealed to the nation. I believe something is going to happen soon. I feel it is going to bring a revival to this land. If we all pray, God will answer. He wants us to pray so He can do His part. The persecution is getting heavier for us so I know satan is trying hard to discourage us. If you are not under attack from satan in one way or another you are not a threat to him. That means you are not following God’s plan for your life.
Thanks to a family out in NH our truck is now debt free. That is one monthly headache out of the way. We were usually late on the payments so if feels good to be done with it. I have almost 650,000 kilometers on the old beast but it is still running pretty good. I will make another run to the north next Monday with rice and supplies for the ones we help there. We are supposed to have a group of around 100 people this Sunday so we are praying we get a lot of items to make the trip more worth it. We have had just a few people the last couple of weeks come out. It has been a nice break for us. When you have no day off a few slow ones help. Many families from the villages nearby have been coming to get food and supplies. It is a great way to get to know them and to share the love of God.
Blessings to All
Timothy House




The Power of Prayer

My new job is trucking. I am trucking supplies to the needy all over Thailand. I added extra springs on our old truck and new tires to take the extra weight. I am starting to look at the bigger trucks that can handle even more weight. We have 650,000 kilometers on the old Toyota but it is still doing well. Owe about 1,200 USD on it if anyone wants to pay it off. They called to hound us again today so I gave them what I had in my pocket. Not enough but they let me keep the truck. It is little weak on power in the really steep mountains, I found out last weekend, but I made the climb. One is never satisfied with what they have. That is the human in us. God takes good care of our needs not my wants.
So many are bringing us so much we have to keep giving it away. Last weekend we had a slow weekend for groups and I made two big trips and a few small ones and still the store room has a lot. It appears to be another new part of the ministry here that God has entrusted to us. I have always enjoyed driving so it is a good thing for me to do. Just wish I was a little younger. Traveling alone is easy because I can stop and sleep in the truck for a few minutes or a couple of hours then go again. I cannot justify a hotel that often. Many of the small truckers here sleep like I do in the truck. We have another big group this weekend along with two smaller groups so I need to rest up. One of the biggest problems is now fuel. Pray for that.
I was going to write last week but had to wait because I could not handle what I was feeling at the time. Being here and seeing what I see and knowing what I know is not easy for me many times. Sometime I want to cry and do. Sometimes I get so angry with what humans can do to another human. A couple of weeks ago a man raped his 1 ½ year old step daughter. Broke some of her bones trying to get her to stop crying. Then mom came home, seen the blood on her vagina and poured boiling water down her throat to stop her from crying. The neighbors called the police but the baby died at the hospital that night. Thank God! There were pictures of it on FB but not in the news article. They were just too horrible to see. Sorry that is the softest I could tell the story. I know most of you can do nothing to help physically so PRAY. We need to pray against the evil of this world and that is against satan himself. We need to stand in the gap between right and evil and pray to allow God to write the wrongs. I do not want to hear of why does God allow it? I do not understand. But when I feel so enraged in my heart I cannot imagine what God feels and sees. He wants us to pray. He tells us to pray. He even has the Holy Spirit pray for us in words we do not know because then, He can do what we have not even asked for. I do not sit and ponder long on that which I will never understand. My job is to do what I can to save who I can anyway possible. Many of our children have been abused. Some raped, some broken bones by parents in anger. I hear from Phimpha the stories of what they have gone through. Is it any wonder some cry and run screaming when mom shows up. It is not uncommon here or around the world. We need to open our eyes and do what we can. God has given us much to work with, blessed us abundantly and we need to use what we have to help others. It is only human. Love your neighbor as yourself is what Jesus told us to do. Not to look the other way and think it is not our concern. We will answer for it one day. Start with those close by and just do. Pray!!!
I need to stop before I really get going. I do not have the tact that Phimpha has. The burdens we feel on our hearts are from God. It is Him in us. When we do not answer that burden we harden our hearts. Allow yourself to feel the pain. Then do.