Short Story

Hello From Thailand
I just wanted to tell a little testimony as I did not get some in the last update.
There is a man and his wife that come here on Sundays to worship with our little church. The wife’s brother came here a couple of months back. We allow people to walk around our place if they want to look. He walked into the meeting room in our house. He saw on our wall there a picture of Jesus hanging on the cross. He told his sister about it after he left our place that afternoon. He said it looked so real and the eyes were so real looking. He was very touched by it and told his sister that he really would like to have that picture as it made such an impression on him. She in turn told her sister in-law who is our close friend and she in turn told Phimpha the story. She asked Phimpha where the picture was because she herself had not seen it hanging on our wall. That is because we do not have a picture the size of a small poster hanging on our wall. And never have had. We do not own a picture of Jesus on the cross.
It never ceases to amaze me how much Almighty God, the creator of the universe wants to save us from ourselves. He wants a personal relationship with us. He is willing to do a small miracle just to let us know how much He loves us. How many times and how many ways has he tried to contact us year after year after year? He is so patient with each and every one of us. Not wanting any to perish.
In Christ

Just Because!

Hello Again!

Well my back went out as it does from time to time so I thought I would write some.
Last week I left Monday afternoon and got back to our area late Friday night. Did well over two thousand kilometers but it was a good trip. Spent one day just stopping to see things as I drove and one day with some friends so it wasn’t just go and back. I actually had money after the first day of travel so that was a different feeling. Usually I do not have enough for the return trip or just enough if I am very careful. God gives us what we need not what we want. I dropped off some rice and supplies to our children’s home up north and to the school where they go. It costs 1,000.00 baht ($30) per year for one child in the Christian, private school where they go. We have not paid tuition yet in full for last year, so we bring them rice to help offset what we owe them. The schools owner is a close friend of ours and she knows our situation. After I dropped the supplies at the school and headed out of town a lady that takes in kids and lives near the school called Phimpha and asked if we could bring them food too. She and her husband started with a couple of kids years ago and because people knew that, they gave her other children. She has 12 kids now. Phimpha talked with her about her situation. We will take food to her when we can. Looks like the list of people counting on us is growing. I hope God knows what he is doing. It is getting to be a lot. I keep thinking about a bigger truck but with finances on a day to day it is just thinking. I will wait to see if the trend continues for many months before looking into that option. A bigger truck is more fuel but fewer trips. Either way it is up to God. It’s His ministry. We had groups out last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not a lot of rice but a lot of clothes again. If the cost of fuel is not worth the load I do not go. It runs a little over 4,000 baht for one trip.
I get asked a lot how many kids we have so I finally figured it out again. I count 21 that we are responsible for in our immediate family. Then we have a splattering of adults that includes Phimpha and I. The count there is 6 and then there are a couple of men in wheelchairs that like to hang out here more than their home. So that makes 29 and then maybe a friend or two also. All in all we usually feed 28-30 mouths a day. In this count I included our newest arrival. Phimpha came home yesterday and informed me she brought another adult to live with us. She is handicapped from a car accident that killed her husband. She was living in the halls and such at a hospital nearby when a friend of ours saw her. The friend asked the nurse about her because she sat all day on the floor next to the elevator. The nurse told her she had nowhere to go. None of the government social homes would take her. Our friend took her home and when Phimpha was there speaking in her church yesterday she gave the lady to us. I am guessing mid 40’s. Mostly paralyzed on one side but can walk slow with care. Her name is Lek. She will be with us till whenever. It is hard to understand how a person that cannot work has no place to live. I do not know her full story yet because Phimpha does not know it. First we take in the people then we figure out if there is any relative that is willing help. She does get some money from the government but that is probably the usual 500 baht ($15) a month. Not enough to live on.
If any of you like to look things up and has more time than me research the bible and see how many times it tells us to help the poor, the oppressed, the widows, the orphans, etc. I know it is well over 100. I have looked but never had time to weed through it all. I believe the reason God tells us that so many times is because He has blessed us and if we have the love of Christ in us then we want to help others. Love our neighbor as ourselves. He does not say out of abundance to help others. We are to do for them as for us.
I have said it man times but will again. This world and our lives mean nothing compared to what awaits those who believe. Death is the real beginning. Do not listen to satan who tells us we must have it all now. Live life to the fullest and you will be satisfied. Those who can and do live for themselves are not satisfied. But I guarantee that if you follow what God tells us over 100 times you will be satisfied with your life here. More than you can imagine. Guaranteed!!!
Cold here today with rain. Just checked and it is 76 Fahrenheit, 24 Celsius. To wet for a fire. I need to put on warmer clothes. Hard life at times.

From our Home to Yours
Timothy House