Testimony and Thanks

Hello to those who follow us.

Every so often I feel the need to write and thank the many that give financially to our ministry here. Not ours but God’s. He lets us work here. We do not know who all it is that gives to us and that is OK and I think a good thing. Some I know have given for years. I have only known a few who have mentioned over the years they help us. I have been her ten years now and it has been amazing for me. We never know what we will get at any given time. It comes from many places and several countries. As the years go buy more people hear about us and ask how to help financially. The ministry grows lives are saved and many are helped any way we can. It just seems so unreal that it all keeps working. Many times we have nothing or little but every day He takes care of us one way or another. My faith in God has grown so much over the years. I am so blessed that He has allowed me to be here and live in His mercy and grace every day.
There are also many more that Pray for us. The prayers of the righteous are powerful. We need prayer to come in between the will and work of God and the evil intent that satan likes to throw our way. The prayers are what keep satans attacks at bay. God tells us what to pray for then He grants our requests. What an amazing God. All we need to do is what He asks of us.
I am planning on writing some stories about testimonies and some about miracles. At least they are the way I see it. You judge for yourself. It seems when I share testimony it helps some people out. I know it helps me when I hear of the testimonies of how God is working in other people’s lives. Most of the stories will be from Phimpha as she has by far had the most experiences. I am just the messenger for her. I have written about most of these over the years but as the list of people I write to grows I realized many had never heard of some of them so I write to encourage others in their walk with God. Why has Phimpha had so many life saving miracles? I think it is because she lives ever hour for God and she makes a difference in every life she touches. She knows, as I do, that we are NOTHING without God. I am not looking to lift anyone up or put anyone down. It is only to help spread His kingdom here on earth.
I just did a search and found the story I wanted to share in an old email from back in Nov. 2011
I am just going to copy and paste it. Here it is.
The 10 wheel truck driver seen the little girl look toward him
and stop at the edge of the road. She had a water bucket she was
carrying on her shoulder. He continued toward her but as he got just
about to her she started to run forward in front of his truck. There
was no way for him to stop in time. He looked in his mirror as he went
past and seen her fly backwards down the steep embankment. He slammed
his brakes to a stop and ran back to where she was. At that moment she
was crawling up out of the ditch and apparently unharmed. He was happy
and angry at her at the same time. He asked her what did she think she
was doing and hit her hard on the shoulder. It seemed she was not
paying attention to him. Her eyes were searching across the road in
the direction she was going. She started to cry and walk away. He went
back to his truck and left. Stopping in the village to tell the story
to others.
The little girl was Phimpha. Her mother had died just a few weeks
before in the hospital. Phimpha was 8or 9 years old. She never
understood completely that her mother was dead. Even though she seen
her mother in the coffin at the memorial service. She always hoped she
would come home. She was now living with an Aunt and after school it
was Phimpha’s job to fill the water jug from the canal. She filled her
buckets and seen the truck approaching and stopped at the edge of the
road and waited for it to pass. As she waited she looked across the
street and there was her mother. She was standing there and heard her
mother calling and motioning for her to come. She said come, come, come
here. Phimpha was so excited to see her mother she started to run
forward. Oblivious to the approaching truck. As she stepped out onto
the road she felt a hand grab her by the shoulder and pull her
backwards with such force that she toppled backwards into the ditch.
There was no one behind her. She crawled up out of the ditch and was
not paying much attention to the driver. She was frantically looking
across the road for mom. Mom had vanished.
The amazing thing to me is not that God sent an angel to save her
from certain death. The amazing thing to me is that satan has the
power to make her mother’s spirit appear or some other spirit appear,
to lure a child to their death. How many times has he used that or a
similar trick to lure children to the road or into a swimming pool
or…. I think of it because just 2 weeks ago a little girl was
waiting along the road with kids on both sides and as I approached she
darted out alone, at a full run across the road. She was maybe 4 or 5
years old. I locked the brakes and missed her by inches, as I seen her
in my mirror running back home. I was shaking for a long time and
Thanked God over and over. I don’t know how she could have stopped and
turned back so quick. I believe God was there for her too.
We must never underestimate the power of evil and how much satan
wants to destroy us. As Pastor Mike always says satan’s biggest lie is, “I do not exist.” He is alive and well on his kingdom. The earth is
his kingdom, and we must always be on the lookout for his tricks. If
this were Gods world there would be no pain or suffering.
Phimpha asked for Prayer for Timothy House and the kids. Satan
has been working hard to try to close us. It will not happen as long
as we are in His will and we know we are. Pray for safety for the kids
and all that work and live at Timothy House.

From our Hearts
Rodney and Phimpha