Update with a few Random Pictures of my world here in Thailand

Life goes on. The years click by fast. I have been here 10 years now and no end in sight.
The ministry is expanding more and more. The work with the churches is ever growing and the amount of people we help every month by financial or food offerings is ever growing. Next week I will head north again to drop food at three locations in one trip. We currently have a lot of rice to give out and the people up north are calling for help. I had planned to go this week but no diesel for the trip. We get monies in but just as fast it goes out to those in need. We also are on that list. Many things we have in abundance to share thanks to the groups that keep coming. It has slowed down some but still many come and hear about God. They all say the same thing when they come here. How it feels so good to give to someplace where they know it will be used right. We know God has his hand in all of it through the Holy Spirit. He continues to touch those who come. Some have been here a few times now and say they will continue to come help us. It is a lot of extra work for us every weekend to be hosting so many but Thank God for the seeds that are planted. It is an outreach started by God alone and it just keeps going on and on. We even have a Monk that wants to bring people out to offer things to us. Said he is tired of the giving to monks.
I have said many times that I never know at the end of the day where I will be sleeping Well last week I found out one morning it was going to be at a resort for one night. When I arrived there, little be known to me, it was directly across the road from a beach. A few of our kids had a great time that night. Phimpha was there a short time, finished her meeting then had to leave and drive half the night to another meeting the next morning. She never stops till she is totally exhausted. Keep her in prayer for discernment of her work load.
When we arrived home the next day I had another sad surprise. Grandpa and Grandma of our little girl Gam came to pick her up. She had been with us about 2 years and one gets rather attached after a while. It was hard for me to see her go. She will not be too far away so I am hoping after a time I can visit her. I do not want to go too soon or she may want to come home with me. Hard for a five year old to understand it all but she was happy to go with them. I pray God knows what is best. It does not feel like the best to me.
We raise all the children here as our own. So when one leaves it is a part of the family going. Mmm a boy who had been with us many years had his mother stop by to see him a few months back. He had never met her in his 16 years of life. It was amazing to watch them meet the first time and Mmm also got to meet his step sister who was 7 or so. He started going down to their place on the weekends and it was not long before he decided to drop the technical school he was attending and move in with them. Another one gone.
Then yesterday Suu Tat, the oldest brother of two did not come back from Cambodia. The story is his mother wants him to get married. He is a big kid but why push him to marry at 15 I do not know. We cannot figure out the reasoning behind that yet and no word from him or his mother.
When you work with children you have to learn to love and let go when needed. We do not have full custody on many of our children so the parents still have their rights and if the child agrees there is nothing we can do. So currently we are down to 18 not counting the two that we dropped off at a solder camp on Tuesday morning. If they make it they will be in training for a year then they will be Red Hatters, a type of Special Forces here. As I say life goes on. The best we can do is to teach them about God and pray.
Had another group today of about 200. Actually 4 different groups the same day. I gotta go north on Tuesday for sure. We got a lot more stuff and the room is full of supplies. I am going to pull the front seat this time so I have more room for rice inside the cab. It helps distribute the weight. Also keeps it dry. One of my biggest problems. Pray for my trip.

This is not done but I have been sitting on it too long so will send out with some random pictures of my world.
Your Friends at Timothy House

Not sure if the pictures will come through. The first one is the moth season. They hang in the hall all day.1463959185273




















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