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Phimpha here.

Because we need to carry on. Every day the kids need money for school we need food everyday for our household. Every day we pay out and we carry on. If we move we pay for gas for school bus and we must pay for school every semester and for those in college. The list goes no. We try to look for a small business. A way to earn a little so we are not always looking to God and to you all for help. The problem is when we have abundance we give out. We give to many, many people and families and children and churches and schools. The list never ends. We give out so much and others see that and assume we must have a lot of money in the bank. Individuals come asking for loans. They want thousands of baht and assume we have it. Truth be told our several bank accounts are empty way more than anything else. Many times we get in a lot and it goes out quick. Many hands out. That is our ministry. To help the poor and the needy and the children. The word of God tells us over and over to help those in need. To die to ourselves. Why? Why die to ourselves and love our neighbor as ourselves? Because if we have that heart if we do it because we want to. Not out of show or direction, then our hearts are right. The gifts of the Spirit are working in us.
So we are looking right now to plant some lemon trees and raise some more fish. We are hoping to sell the fish to the market when they have grown but will we? Or will God tell us to give them away at that time to the needy? We do not know but we will start. So if anyone would like to help toward those two little projects we are going to plant 50 lemon trees. We will put them in cement circles so it will be easier to care for them and less water during the dry season. Lemons are quite expensive here and are used a lot.
We need larger fish to start with and they are 1 baht each. We have ordered 6,000. We will feed them so they grown quick and hopefully sell them to the market.
All and all we are looking at 25,000.00Baht. (roughly 800USD ) It will get us the irrigation piping and the trees and cement rings and fish to start.
Thank you for all the blessings for my birthday. I did not celebrate it with the kids because we always have cake for them but no money that day for cake enough for the many that were here. Yesterday we celebrated one of our children’s birthday and I took a little loan for a small for cake for him. We sang happy birthday to him then waited till most had gone home for cake. They had many snacks just not birthday cake.

In Christ

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