The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer
As usual it has been way to long since I have written. Christmas is winding down here. It starts long before Christmas day and goes on a week or more after the 25th because there are so many churches and commitments. It is not a Holiday here if it falls on a week day. Phimpha is again at another party today and more this weekend but then I think it will end. As a leader she is invited out a lot. I hold down the fort here. Our celebration was on Sunday the 18th with a large group of Buddhists that happen to show up. They Thais do not understand this western holiday but because of heavy marketing are beginning to celebrate it some. Phimpha had opportunity to tell them what it was all about.
I made two runs up north for two weeks in a row to deliver rice. The last trip I also stopped at our friends the Sharon’s to bring them a few things. One of their son’s Travis runs a school in Burma. He just happened to be home when I came and was looking to head back down so I dropped him at the border and turned home. They live in the mountains near the border but Travis is about 12 hours or more south from the home place. The road is very windy and steep for at least two hours. Uphill in second gear most of the time and downhill in third with many switchbacks. My old truck seemed to do just fine with it. After the mountains I traveled the 9 hours back home. I arrived home tired but well.
The next day they loaded up the whole family in my truck, except for a couple of young ones that stayed home with me. They went to a wedding. It was on a Friday. The next morning as they were loaded up ready to leave the church parking lot the brakes failed. Nothing there when they hit the brakes. The driver, our boy Pet, was quick thinking enough to pull the emergency brake which killed the engine still in the driveway of the church. He got out and told Phimpha. They checked and sure enough, no brakes, so they took it slowly to a garage to get it fixed. The garage pulled it apart and said it had been a problem for many days not just that day. The brake fluid was leaking and had saturated the one rear wheel and the front brakes were also cracked up and not in good shape. She told them I had been in the mountains the day before with a load on and they asked her what Spirit we worship because they wanted to know. She told them we worship God through the Holy Spirit. They said our Spirit had protected us. The brakes should have failed on the mountain. So I want to thank all of you for the prayers you lifted up on my behalf. I ask for prayer many times. So much so I think it becomes too much. But I know firsthand prayers work. Not just from this incident. We live in the Grace of God every day here. So many times He protects yet it is unknown to us.
Our outside ministry has grown a lot these last few months. Because we receive so much we are able to give out tons of food and supplies for everyday needs. Christmas time is hard for small poor churches. We thank God we have been blessed by Him and able to help many churches to celebrate Christmas. And to think it comes through non Christians. God uses all to further His Kingdom on earth. We have blessed children and churches this month in Thailand, Cambodia and Burma. God has no boundaries. His love does not stop at a border.
Kids come and go we have a couple of new ones and a girl who does not want to go home. Our place is like a revolving door. We just feed whoever is here. How many do we have? I do not know. Twenty something, it does not matter. Outside of our immediate household we touch over 500 every month. God is Good!!
The elephants have been causing trouble here again. One got through our railing and into the kitchen area the other night. I could not believe he could fit through where he came in and went out. I watched him go out and still do not know how he did it. Had he been full grown he would not have fit so one day he will not be able to get in that way. I put barb wire on the back door of the kitchen to see if it stops them from abusing that door. It would probably help if one of our top staff (Phimpha) did not feed pineapple to them out that door. “But he was just a baby she said. “
Thank You to all that pray for and help us on this side of the world. God’s work is never done.

Timothy House

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