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Things have slowed down here a little with our weekend visitors and it has been good and bad. Good to get some time with just our family and a few friends and bad for our supply room. I need to go up north again as they have been calling requesting help but Phimpha refuses to let me go until I get another vehicle. I asked her this morning again if she was sure it was from God and she said yes, so I will wait. I have no fear in making more trips up north with our current truck but Phimpha said she is sticking to what she feels the Holy Spirit is telling her. So I will follow as her track record is close to perfect. Makes me jealous she can hear and discern so well.

We will buy whatever newer vehicle we can get with what comes in. We do not want payments. God will work it all out and get us what we need. That we are sure of. Thank You to the many who gave and especially one family that has given the majority of monies to us for the vehicle. It is beyond what I could have imagined. The truck we have now that God had us buy years ago has served us very well and will be an excellent second truck.

It is starting to warm up here again. Winter is winding down. It was nice being in the eighties for a high instead of high nineties. Today is unusually windy and I have always loved windy days.

The kids keep getting older but with new ones every few years there will be no end in sight. It is just part of our family. The older ones have been taking good care of getting the younger ones ready for school in the mornings and that is a big help. It is always fun to watch them grow and to see what they turn out like. We hope to be raising servants for the kingdom. That is our goal. The neighbors have been bringing their children here and dropping them off to play with our kids. They are not all Christian but like what they see in our children. Guess that speaks well of our work. They want what our kids have to rub off on theirs. After a while the parents start to come to. God works in many ways to introduce people to His kingdom. We just need to do our part and follow day by day. He sends the ones He knows will listen. We always hear the same thing that there is something different about being on our property. They feel good just being here but cannot explain why. We know why.

I was in Minnesota a year ago on Christmas Eve. It was a gift from my sister to surprise my parents. Right now our hearts are heavy and have been many months to return again for a visit to see my aging parents. My father’s emphysema is getting the better of him. He is not getting enough oxygen and it is affecting his memory along with other things. It is hard being so far away and wanting to be there but my calling is here. A visit is costly and not easy when you have so many people here that we take care of in our immediate family and not to mention the outside ministry. We struggle like everyone else on living day to day so it seems unrealistic to plan to fly halfway around the world to visit family. But by prayer we believe now is the time to go. Both of us cannot be gone from here long, so one of us will go first for a few days then the other will come and after a few days together in MN one will fly home and the other stay on. We have yet to work out who is flying out first, Phimpha or me. Phimpha really wanted to stay on in MN for a couple of months but her schedule here will not allow that. She NEEDS a break. She also has a strong feeling because of culture to take care of my mother and father. The culture here demands that of the children. She does not understand why anyone would go to a nursing home if there are relatives around. It is a good part of the culture.

So as I have stated many times before in updates we do not use ministry monies to go home. If anyone would like to help us out with tickets we would be grateful. It seems like a lot to ask but the prices right now for flying are not great. It will be between $3,500- 4,000 for the two of us round trip. If we do not get enough for the both of us then one will go. I will keep looking for cheaper flights with long layovers. I am hoping to go through Seattle to see my daughter there for a couple of days before going on to MN. I do not think it will be possible to see my son and his family in Texas this trip. If you have a burden to help be sure it is marked for Tickets so we will know. Personally I think it is way too cold to go home this time of year but will pray for warm weather while I am there. Most of you know how to give to us through Maranatha or Paypal or Jesus for Asia website. If you need any other ways let me know. Thank You to all that continue to help us year after year. You all are part of this ministry by prayers and giving. It is not our ministry it is His. We are just the workers.

All Blessings to you

Rodney and Phimpha

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