Coming Home to Minnesota?
Well yes and no. Minnesota is my old home but I will live here in Thailand till I die so this is home for me. Too many kids to go anyplace else. But in June Phimpha will be going to Minnesota for a rest. A LONG needed rest. She will be on R&R till the end of August or so. She already is doing better just knowing she will get rest. She just wants to run away. I know many of you can relate to that sometime in your life. I will purchase tickets tonight thanks to a friend who sent us more than enough for tickets. I do not plan to come home right now. It is not my time. I would love to meet her in MN. the last week or so but it looks like a long shot for now. She will first visit my parents then find a quiet place to spend a lot of time with God. She has been so burnt out for the last few years I am amazed she has lasted this long. She needs to figure out how to take personal time here. Not as easy as it sounds when so many are counting on her. She will be spending time with my daughter Gayle in the Lindstrom Chisago area too so she will make it to Maranatha in Forest Lake for those who would like to see her. You are welcome to contact her when she gets stateside. Give her time to adjust first. I will hold down the fort here. Pray for me. She is the kingpin for the family and the ministry. The outside ministry will be mostly on hold till she returns except for those who rely on us for food or finances or emergencies. She is already worried about leaving for so long but God can take care of us. I sure pray He does.
My job with the ministry here as I have said before is support. I am Daddy to those here and many call me daddy from kids to adults. Many of the children in Thailand grow up without a father figure in their life. That has become a major part of my job over the years to just be there for the little ones and teens. I cannot speak to them but love works through that barrier. They want to be hugged they want to be played with they want someone there they can see in the crowd for school activities or father’s day. That is my job and it is easy. All you need to do is be available. Keep an eye out for the shy ones that want to get close but are not trusting of an adult. I hear my name “Daddy” called a lot as I drive around the area. Truth is I do not know them all but they know me. I recognize most of the faces. I get a lot of hugs. It is the one thing that makes my day. I miss my kids and grandkids back in MN. But…

The groups have lessened quite a bit lately I do not know why. With less supplies coming in there is less to give out. Funding has been low lately so we do not have the food on hand we would like to have but we still eat every day. God is good to us.
School is on break and will restart soon with a new year. Big has graduated, even had his diploma handed to him by the king of Thailand. He was proud of that. He will start college soon. That makes 3 of our kids in college and another 2 we pay for and one in technical school. I just found out or oldest girl is done with her course and internship at the hospital but has not found a job. Time for some hard lessons for her. Kids are kids the world over.
Thank You to the many who keep us lifted up in Prayer. The power of Prayer is real people. God is alive and waiting to help us, take care of us, protect us, but we need to pray. Don’t ask me why we need to ask first but we do. He is just waiting for us to pray and ask so He can give it to us. Do not dwell on the unknown just have faith and believe. YOU WILL SEE THE MIRACLES.

Love from Our House to yours.
Timothy House

Prayer Warriors

Prayer Warriors

I have had the burden for many days now to write asking for Prayer for the International Gospel Music Festival in Pattaya that runs from the 17-19 of this month. There will be Christian artists coming from many countries.
The reason I believe that I have the burden to ask for prayer is because it is in the very heart of satan’s world in Pattaya. I know satan is not happy to have the light come into his dark kingdom. This is the red light district. Just a few minutes walk away from the famous Walking Street. The street is lined with bar after bar full of girls waiting to entertain their customers for a price. Pattaya has been called the sex capital of the world and I believe it probably is. The crowd will be a mixture of anyone that happens to walk by. It is a free concert and it is just across the road from the beach area where many girls and boys sit or walk along waiting for customers. Along with it comes the human trafficking, the drugs and drinking and just about anything else you can imagine. When I first went down to that area years ago I could not believe anyplace like that even existed. The entire area for blocks around is geared for sex from the thousands of bars to the street vendors selling sex toys etc. Just being there in that area makes one feel uncomfortable to say the least. The darkness is so heavy and it is hard for me just to walk along the street. It is a very uneasy feeling.
It is into this atmosphere that Christian music will be played 3 nights for around 7 hours per night by many Christian artists. We are hoping to plant seeds. I am sure some in the crowd will be Christian but not there as a Christian. Many that were once Christian, but walked away for the money and selfishness. I honestly do not understand why there? But that is the way it has worked out. Jesus said He did not come for the healthy but for the sick and if you want to visit the sick that is the place to be.
So Please send this up the prayer chains and pray for all of us that will be there. I do not know what will happen but God is in control so we are in good hands. God instructs us to pray and He will do. So we do our part He will do His.
I am going to ask those who receive this to please NOT post it on Face book. I will put a watered down version there. PS This is very watered down to from what I could say. It is a horrible place.

In Christ