Hello from Thailand

Just a quick note to ask for prayers for all of us here these next few days. There is so much going on always then on top of that we have more things. Phimpha just left this Sunday morning to drive to a church to hold a wedding. First they will have a church service then the wedding then she has to get back here early afternoon as we a have a group coming out this afternoon here at Timothy House. We too will have a Sunday service here and at the same time host those who are arriving to come out and do merit. No idea how many are coming today 30 to 100 we do not even ask anymore just host.
Then in the afternoon I need to drive the 3 hour trip to Bangkok to take stuff down for our son’s wedding the following Sunday. It will be in a park in Bangkok so we need to bring everything down. From chairs to tables to lighting, all decorations, band equipment, speakers etc. The list is huge. I need to make a couple of trips down because we do not have enough vehicles to make it all happen next Saturday afternoon when we will take the entire family down for the next day’s wedding. Our older truck is on loan to a pastor friend as his two vehicles are both down. He is our sound man, lighting, and electrical set up for the wedding and also before that we have our annual children’s camp in the middle of this week. We have been getting things ready for that as well. We are expecting around 60 kids this year trying to keep it smaller. It will be on Thursday, Friday and half a day Saturday. Then that Saturday afternoon we need to tear down everything and pack it up and head to Bangkok late in the day with the entire Timothy House to be there the next morning to set up in the park for first, a Sunday worship service then in the early evening the wedding. Then tear it all down that night after the reception pack it up and drive back to Timothy with as much as we can haul. The next morning Phimpha has to be in court for the ongoing fraud case against the man we have been trying to stop the last year or more.
Then not to mention she is also preparing for the annual Women’s camp 3 weeks after the wedding which will be for either our 7 provinces or all of Thailand. I am not sure right now as my memory escapes me. That is the end of May then the second week in June Phimpha flies out to America for a much needed rest and I will be here with the family.
Enough for now I need to get moving and pick up people for church service soon.
Please keep us in prayer for all of this. Also we have had no money at all this last week or more to make all this happen. We owe many.

Blessing to you all
Timothy House

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