Hello from the Front Line in Thailand
Sometimes I have to remind myself I am out in the mission field but it is also home for me because my family here is Thai. My family in the states are American. God has given me two lifetimes in one. They are as different as night and day yet as humans we are very much the same.
This is going to be a short update I think. I need to get moving soon as the kids are already getting up to go to school. It is 5:30am now.
I have to be honest here. It is very difficult for me as an American to continue asking others to donate to us to keep God’s ministry going here. And I am sure there are those reading this now who disagree with us in the asking but like your needs there ours are continuous also. God provide but He does it through you all out there by putting the burden in your heart. Then he counts it as a blessing to you when you pray or give to His ministry here. I have to keep reminding myself this is His ministry. He has provided for us through many in many different ways over the course of my 10 plus years here. I always feel like there should be another way to make this ministry run and we keep trying to do things to be able to help ourselves become more self sufficient but no matter what we try it does not bring in even close to what we give out. All monies that come to us go to the work. We have no savings or retirement accounts. We have basics for life but nothing beyond that for ourselves. I even have a hard time feeding myself at when we are low on food. I am old, not growing like the kids. We take care of around 28 people ever day mostly kids and young adults. 3-4 disabled adults depending on who is here at the time. That is our immediate family. The outside ministry helps over 400 every month with food clothing supplies and monies. We would do more but God has limited us right now to this. The greatest outreach is to help people in need. Those that have nowhere else to turn to. There are not the social programs here like in America or other more developed countries. Retirement here for the old or disabled averages around 15 USD a month. Living is cheaper here but certainly not that much. Word spread fast that we give out because we are Christian. It is not normal to take care of outsiders here.
Phimpha is heading stateside this Sunday for rest. If she does not change her ticket she will be there 3 months. That leave me and a couple of other to try to keep us all fed here and the bills paid. I sat down with her the other day to see what was needed every month. It amazed me because we give out so much more than we get in our monthly checks for support. Some of you give to us every month but I do not know who most of you are or what you give, but I want to thank you so much for the monthly help. Our monthly average is a little under 1,000 USD a month. It varies a lot depending on the burdens of the heart. Our immediate family needs run about 3,000USD a month. The outside ministries run about 2,400 USD a month. The camps, conferences, training, outreaches are another 3,500 USD on top of all that. It is staggering to see that the majority of our income is by Faith. We must rely on God to send us help many times a month one way or another to keep His ministry here going. We never know where it will come from and that is why I ask for prayers a lot.
Please consider helping us here for the next 3 months while Phimpha is away so she can rest and not worry about us here. She needs a lot of time with God to recover and to look for advice on how to keep doing His will but being able to take time out for ourselves. No matter how much we do we never feel it is enough. Green just brought in his piggy bank because we have no money for kids school today yet and they will leave on the bus soon. He has 20 baht enough for himself. I have 40 baht that I have had sense Sunday and it is now Wednesday. Time to use it. I gotta run, time to start the day and find some coffee.

Blessing from Our House to yours.
Timothy House

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