Phimpa in Minnesota

Hello Friends
Well Phimpha made it to Minnesota. She is staying with my sister in Clear Lake Mn. If anyone would like to meet her while she is there you can connect to her on Facebook. Search for Phim Pha
She is supposed to be resting but she is worried about us here so she is working like crazy translating a few hundred pages from English to Thai. I do not think she understands what the word rest means. Still it has got to be less commotion than a lot of kids after her.
She is supposed to head down to Maranatha one Sunday but when is up to her. She has a return ticket 3 months out but I know she will never make it that long. If she can she will change the ticket to an earlier date for the return flight. Personally I am hoping she gets rest. She is really burned out.
Must be an elephant in the village, a lot of bangers going off. Getting close and they make me jump.
Keep us in prayer here while she is gone. Satan started in on us the day after she left but God has our back so we just need to pray more. My human side wants to worry but my Spirit side is at peace. I am learning. Faith, gotta have a lot of Faith every day.
I am tired so will cut this short. Good Night from the other side of the world. Mn is early morning yet.

Timothy House

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