Why I Was Forced To Rest

Hello Friends

Sorry this is so late. I have been doing a lot of traveling here in Thailand sense Phimpha went to America.
I will give you the short story of why I had to take the kids and go away a couple of days.
Two years ago the social department had gotten a report on our house. Not a good report. We know where it came from. So they came out with two empty vans expecting to see bad things and take the kids out. Well nothing worked out for them and they realized we were fine. But one of the workers had been drinking and Phimpha told him he cannot talk to our kids and to please leave the property. That made him look bad and being a person with the wrong heart for social work he has been trying since that to make us look bad so he can save face. After the first visit from the social department we had others visits and appointments where they came out and got all the stories of the children and where and why they were with us. All was fine. The man however being very vindictive wrote up a report of us that was a lot of lies. A very bad report so that the social department would have to act on it by law. The man waited two years till the social director had left and a new director took his place. The new director did not know us so the man submitted the report that started the paperwork to have them investigate us again. When Phimpha first heard again she just ignored it because she knew where it was coming from and that we were clear. She told me a couple of days before she left to go to America that they might try to take the kids while she was gone. They obviously watched our Facebook postings or web page and hand delivered us papers with a 2 week deadline the day after she left. We either had to fill in all the paperwork and have it done in the two weeks or they would come to take the kids. Then we would have to do all paperwork and come under the social department as a Children’s home. After all was approved they would bring our children back. Our son Ohm and some of us went down to talk to them to get more time till Phimpha came back but they said: “No, it would be done by the law on the 27 of July.” They would not budge.
We had a friend that we knew by chance because we were helping him to try to start a little business selling herbal drinks at the farmers markets. He came out and talked to us. Then after he left he called a friend he knew. The friend was a retired solder and was working with the current government as an official with the power to investigate anyone in Thailand that is not doing their job by the laws or by corruption. This man has the power to remove anyone from their government job immediately. The man called Phimpha in America to get our story and came out and talked with us and to see for himself our place. Seeing nothing wrong with our house and operation he said he would help us and he certainly did. He went to the leader of the province and asked if he knew about the bad report on us and had he investigated it. The leader said he had not yet investigated it. Well to make this short, we now have all the time we need to talk to the social department after Phimpha returns from her much needed rest. By the social department guide lines we do not even fall under their jurisdiction because of the amount of children we have and their ages and individual situations of why they are with us. But God is telling us to go under the social department anyway. Something we never wanted to do but we follow His will not ours.
There was no way I was going to allow them to come to our house and push crying children that have known no other parents their entire life into a van and drive away. I am old but there would have been a battle and I would have been arrested. She we decided the best was to just not be there when they came out. We needed more time to work so we went to the ocean for a couple of days till God worked His plan out for us and gave us freedom. Do you know how hard it is for me to sit by the ocean for two days and do nothing but relax? It was terrible, but the kids and I loved it. Someone had to do it.
Phimpha as most of you know is in Minnesota now and resting after working hard there the first 3 weeks with the social problem and translation of training materials. She will leave for the east coast on the 7th of August then return to MN on the 21st and fly out to Thailand on the 25th of August. She is suffering from homesickness already and lack of Som Tum (Thai food) but doing great, enjoying time alone with God and my family.

Thank You for all the Prayers for us.
The Gang at Timothy House

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