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Hello Brothers and Sisters

My back is out again so it is a good time to write.
Phimpha is on the last leg of her journey across America alone. She went for a much needed sabbatical. It took a few weeks there to get her rest started, due to a translation commitment. But she has gotten some much needed alone time with God and will come back stronger. She is homesick and we are all missing her. She will have to hit the ground running but that is another story for later. While she was visiting my parents, who miss their son in Thailand, she remarked I would come visit them when she got back. Then later she told me about it. So it looks like I will be heading to MN around the end of Sept. I have no schedule yet I just plan to visit family.
I have kept all the kids alive so far while she has been gone so I am doing a good job. Both she and I were extremely worried before she left as to how we were going to cope without her. We both knew she had to rest and that was not possible here. She tried to back out of going but eventually God won over. While in Prayer God promised her a week before she left that He would take care of us and we would be better off when she was gone than when she is here. May seem like a simple thing to you but to me it was an impossible probability. Totally impossible. We have struggled 80% of the last year just to have enough finances to keep moving. We were over a thousand dollars in debt to friends, unbeknown to me when she left. A huge amount for us. She is the kingpin for us. The one who knows who to go to in time of need. Then God said it would be OK. My Faith knows it is easily doable for God but my mind said: No Way! The first few days we struggled. Two days I sent the kids to school with no lunch money. I impatiently reminded God of His promise. I think He laughed at me. Then the weekend came and a group came out. Bigger than we ever had before and they left us a larger donation than any in the past. He has totally fulfilled His word to us. We have had many problems but we have gotten through them all by His great Mercy and Grace. All debts He paid off and we are still ok. Now my human side wonders how it will be when she returns. That is me, doubting Thomas.
I believe we have sent out over 6 truckloads of supplies to the needy this last couple of months. An amazing amount and that is not including the many families that we help in the village near us. I even visited another children’s home for the first time up north. We will work to help them also when we have the supplies to make the trip. We are pushing over 500 children on the outside ministry that we try to help every month to supplement what they get. Way beyond our means but because of those reading this and those we do not know about and those that do not even know us God continues to expand that part of His ministry here. Our job in this world is to follow what God has planned for us. We always pray for His direction for the ministry because He is the only one who knows the path predestined for us. He has the map so we need to keep checking in with the navigator.
Our children here at Timothy House continue to grow. They frustrate me at times but overhaul they are good. They come to us broken or abandon or abused or defiant and we work to give them a loving family environment. It is not easy by any means but they are brothers and sisters and when it works and they help each other it amazes me. We live together as a large family. Phimpha is Mom and I am Daddy. They are just looking for acceptance in a world that has not shown them that. I think we are still holding at 20 children but give or take it does not matter.
So much violence and hatred in the world. How much longer will it be allowed I do not have a clue but I know we all have our part to do. If you think it is just to satisfy yourself and your family you are sadly mistaken. We are to love all people. To help them into God’s kingdom through the narrow gate. How we are to accomplish that is as varied as sand on the shore. God knows what each one needs so we come to salvation in many ways. What worked for you is not for everyone. Only God knows their past and how to reach the inner heart. Our job is to love the unlovable, the sinners like us. The sinner, never the sin.

Blessings to you our Friends
Timothy House

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  1. God bless you and your family Timothy, you are doing what I wish I could do! I just found your “Love Care Project” through “Jesus 4 Asia” which I discovered on 3ABN last year. I just watched the video you have posted of you and your wife talking about the abused children and seeing them smiling makes me smile, but also brought me to tears as My wife and I don’t have children, (long story) and I have SO MUCH love to give! I want to hold, hug and take care of every one of them! We usually give to ADRA and a few others every year, but recently I have also been donating to Jesus 4 Asia. (There is SO MUCH need!) I would love to come there and help in anyway I can, and I will start praying to see if God wants me to go there or not, (or if YOU need my help at all! LOL) Please let me know how to send my donation brother Tim! God bless your ministry! Jeff Salley

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