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We need prayer. God instructs us to pray. He even gives us what to pray for through the Holy Spirit. Then when we pray He can give us what He already knows we need. It is a mystery to me but that is the way He works. He is God I try not to argue with Him. It is futile. We are not worthy to even look at His face much less think we know better.
Anyway this is a little of what has been going on since I left Thailand last week. I am writing now from Seattle where I am visiting my Daughter and grandchildren. While back at Timothy House the battle rages between Phimpha with God backing her up and the Social Department who is obviously not working with or even knows our God. If they did know our God they would fear for themselves because it is not good to turn against the one who controls our life on this world. But more importantly the one who controls our soul after we die. He alone has the power over our soul and eternity. Which I understand is a very long time. We need to pray for our enemies as Jesus said. We do not want to become a judge of them, for it brings judgment onto ourselves. They are lost souls that need prayer for their salvation in Christ. I cannot pray as my human heart wants to I must allow the Spirit to control my prayers for the enemy.
I cannot give you all the information as the battle is still raging. In fact it is still heating up. But Phimpha and I both have the peace in knowing God is in total control. When they nailed Jesus to the cross all of those who believed in Jesus thought the worst and that the battle was over. It appeared satan had won but that is because we have human eyes and understanding. God used the cross to save all people by His grace alone, if we just accept our faults and confess and believe. That’s another story.
Phimpha and I know this situation has been allowed to happen by God. As hard as that may seem right now we both know it is true. We have seen this time and time again over many years.
The social system needs to be changed but more importantly the people who work with children and those in authority need a change of heart. They need to look to the people they are supposed to be helping instead of only caring for themselves and their own selfish desires. We are not under the social system, we work by ourselves and that alone makes them angry. If someone makes them look bad by doing good they speak lies to try to discredit them. If someone says things that are true to their face they need to save face by speaking lies. It is a very big part of this culture and not a good part. Instead of saying I am sorry I was wrong and moving on they carry the anger around inside looking for anyway to take the other person down at any cost. Righteousness is not an easy thing to stand for in a country where corruption rules. Without protection many are killed. It happens very frequently here when it comes to that level. How do we make them look bad? It is not like we are out looking to cause trouble as those of you who know us would testify to. We are to do our part to help those sent to us, period. We do that in many ways. The last few years we have had thousands of visitors come out to do a good deed. They come out and see how we operate and the good we do and they talk about it to their friends. By phone, at work, on the social media like Facebook etc. etc etc. Then more come to see and more talk and it starts to make those who are supposed to be doing this work look bad. People come to the social department asking them where to go to do good deeds. They tell them do not go to Timothy House. Timothy House is a fake children’s home they are bad people who only use the kids to raise money. I have heard we do not feed the kids enough food and certainly not healthy food, they are skinny, we do not allow them to go to school, we use them for hard labor, we are involved in human trafficking we hide aliens at our house. The list goes on and on and on. I am amazed at all they can even think up. I will not go into more detail on all the ways they have attacked us. Humans seem to like bad news about people. The media thrives on it. So they want to come out to see these terrible people that run Timothy House. But when they come we are not bad, our kids are healthy and happy. We treat everyone with respect, they question us on many things and when they leave they spread the word that we are not like the social dept says. So it goes out louder and makes more trouble for those who speak badly.
With so many lies they convinced a few people in their system (that did not know us) and they came out to our house, and by their abuse of authority have taken some of our children and sent them to different homes. Not a good thing to poke a momma bear whose is raising cubs. Phimpha will take a lot of abuse on herself but if you attack the children you are in big trouble. They think she is just one little woman but they do not know who is backing her up. So pray for us and them because they need it. They want to close us down and they think by slandering our name all over the people will stop coming or giving and we will just quit or give up or come under their authority so they can ride on us. We are not opposed to authority just the abuse of it.
So please keep us in prayer for wisdom to fight the good fight for righteousness. For our children to stand strong and not be effected by the abuse they have already suffered by the process. If you caught the news clips of when they were dragging off our children the screams were mostly from Green. I am sure others were crying but I could hear him above the rest. Hard for me to sit here listening and not be there for them when they needed me most. One of our girls was slightly injured trying to protect the kids when someone twisted her wrist. It would not have been good for me either had I been there.
Pray for strength for Phimpha as she stands with many of our friends to fight. Pray for the many who are hearing of this on news, from the television channels etc. Many are requesting interviews. The story is spreading and Phimpha is using the opportunity, provided by the social department, to speak of our belief in God.

God Bless You
Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ at Timothy House

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