Prayers and Update

There was another court appointment for Phimpha a couple of weeks back. The social department was supposed to bring the charges against her but they of course have asked for another extension. They claim to have evidence so this is their last extension. The next court date is the end of Feb. If they do not have enough evidence for the prosecutor to file a case in court against her then we pray they are finished and all against her will be dropped.
Three of our children, a mother and a grandmother went last week to the courthouse to speak with the Human Rights Department. The Human Rights people took the testimony from the children and adults and because of the strong evidence, they had the prosecutor file another case against the Social Department for abuse of Human Rights.
I have lost track of how many cases are filed against the Social Department. Three or four I think, with another one coming. Never in the history of our ministry have we had so much going on in the courts. It is sad to see how far this has to go before it will end. The social department is continuing to try to discredit us and put pressure on the children that have been returned. They went to one of the boy’s school and asked when the semester break was. They told the boy they were going to send him to the temple during that time to enroll him into being a Buddhist. He is 14 years old, a Christian and they never even contacted the mother, just showed up at the school. The boy told Phimpha what had happened and said he did not want to go to school anymore because of the situation. Needless to say there was a meeting called and it did not go well for the social department. We pray about all things and we are following His lead into this area of the government where we have not been before. God has a plan. Our job is to follow.
We are finishing up on the paper work for Amy and Mo. They are back with us full time now. We had to move them to another school. The school they were at before they were abducted is afraid of the threats by the Social Department so they told us they do not want our kids back in their school.
I want to just go and pick up the last 3 children that were taken and we have not gotten custody of yet. But it is not the right way, even though they are being held illegally. I must be patient. I had to tell Green and Lot to be strong as they were crying when I had to leave them after the last visit. I was so heartbroken for them. How to tell an 8 year old they must be strong and take care of each other while having to live with total strangers. It is so hard on them when we have to leave. We are planning to visit them again soon. It is an 8 hour drive one way. Pray with us that they can come home.
We have been feeling safer lately so we are staying home more. Everything is so public it would be hard for them to take us out. It would be very obvious who did it. Maybe we are being too lax but we do have God on our side so all is up to Him.
But having said that I would like to ask for prayers for Phimpha. She is working on a totally different case that I cannot speak about and it is very dangerous. Another man working with her was shot last week as a warning by those being investigated to back off. He will be in the hospital for a month or more. Corruption rules in this country at all levels of government, business and private life. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit will the country change. God can do all things. He can turn the hearts of people to Him. All they have to do is to believe. If we did not believe it was possible for the country to change we would not be doing this work. This work is not ours. It is God’s work and He is allowing us to be here to work with Him. We are not looking to change a few. We are asking God to change this nation and those around us. Never underestimate the power of Prayer to God.
We have three camps coming up. One the end of this month one the end of March and a children’s camp the first week in April. The first conference is for the leaders of The Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand. But just the seven eastern provinces. The second conference is for the leaders nationwide and leaders from Cambodia are also invited. When we posted this on Facebook Phimpha got a call from the government asking what we were up too? What was the conference for, what is our agenda? She told them she would send out a letter to formally invite them to come and see. We are not certain who will show up but we are happy to be able to share about Christ with new people. Then a week or so later is the annual children’s camp that we host. Usually around 100 kids attend.
Pray for hearts to be changed through the Love of Christ. We have no monies at this time for any of the camps but as always we move forward in Faith. Phimpha prayed and complained a little about needing a lot of help from Him. God told her He has given resources to His children and He is watching to see if they will do their part to support His Kingdom.
A little word about our never ending needs. Most ministries I believe save enough for their operating expenses and then give out of the overflow for the ministry. We do not operate like that. We know it is the smart way to work but that is not what God has burdened in our hearts. If there is a need in front of us we give out for that need. If we have money at our disposal we give, not worrying about our needs tomorrow. She has always operated this way. She told me the other day before heading to work she is not afraid to die. It does not scare her. What really makes her sad and hard to go on is when those in need contact us for help and we have nothing to give. How can we keep for ourselves when the poor in front of us need food, shelter, clothing, schooling, medical etc? They do not have the faith we have. Many do not know God or much less have salvation secured. We cannot just pray for them and walk away. We have been operating this way for the 11 years I have been here. For her many years before that. “We are still alive” as she always says. Tomorrow is tomorrow’s problems.
Some small groups have been coming out to visit so we have some supplies, finally, to hand out to the poor. We need more rice but we are so thank full for what we are getting. We have taken on another children’s home and we are looking for extra support for them. We move forward in Faith.

Pray for those who do not know Christ.
Pray for help for the upcoming camps.
Pray for the government leaders that will visit us.
Pray for safety for us all here.
Pray for me personally for strength. I have been fighting depression the last few weeks.

From Our Home to Yours
Rodney and Phimpha and All Here at Timothy House

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