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Prayer Warriors

Phimpha has asked me to write to you all again. She is looking for prayer. The area where God has called her to is along the Thailand – Cambodia border. As a border area it is ripe with every kind of evil you can imagine. It is a gate of darkness between the two countries. Human trafficking for the sex trade and working slave trade. Black market of goods, drugs, terrorist activity, and corruption from the lowest to the highest levels, beggars, theft, swindling, the list goes on and on. She has been working there off and on for years but now that she has been there full time God has opened her eyes to the vast amount of evil that is there. She is in the midst of satan’s stronghold and God has brought her there through the Holy Spirit to bring light into the darkness. Her safety is a big concern for the people that she talks to when they find out what God is asking her to do. Not just to be a light but to break down the stronghold of that area. God has put a heavy burden upon her heart to quickly build a large center in that area. A place of refuge for those that He will give salvation to. A place with rooms to stay at, while the lost transition from their old to a new life in Christ. An undertaking far beyond anything we could imagine but if God wills it then it will be done. She has found the land and the building would be after that. She is figuring around 200,000 USD for the land and building. Yes I know. A crazy amount and that is why it must be from God because only He can make it happen. The $1.98 I have won’t stretch that far.

My biggest fear of course is for her safety, but more for those around her. She has been told she will never die by human hands but that leaves a lot open short of dying. I fear for those who live and have churches in that area. There are a lot of Christians there but they have been mostly separated. Once they come together in prayer things will begin to move toward righteousness. It has already started. She has been meeting with the Christians in the churches and out in the many small communities to give them encouragement and prepare them for battle. It will be a spiritual battle but also affect them physically. satan doesn’t like it when light comes into his area but come it will. Intercessory prayer is needed by many to conquer the tight grip evil has over the people. Those that are reaping the profit from their evil ways are not going to be happy with the Christians. We see that everywhere we go here. That is why prayer is so vitally important. Please keep us in prayer. I know I ask that over and over but we are to pray continuously. We know we can do nothing without Spiritual protection and God will not do it unless we ask Him first.

In Christ

Rodney and Phimpha

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