Dreams and Visions

Prayer Warriors!

This update will be to those who believe in the supernatural. Not the hocus pocus of the Hollywood movies. This is about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Many references in the Bible speak of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said He would send it after His death and He did on the day of Pentecost. There are many different gifts of the spirit and they are all given by God to those He chooses to do the work He has predestined them to do. If you know your bible you have read about them, if you don’t know then read about them.

I am going to speak a little about Dreams. God gives us dreams sometimes as information to us and sometimes it is a future event that He wants us to know about. What we do with what we receive is another learning process in our growth. It is not for us to boast about. We receive it for a purpose. Often times it is for us to pray to stop what He is showing us is going to happen. That is the case for this writing.

I am asking for specific prayer for something that is going to happen or will be diverted by prayer. Phimpha received a dream about 4 years ago that pertained to violence in Bangkok. There was a lot of violence and blood in the streets with solders running around and bodies lying on the streets. She told me about it then. Last week she had the same dream two nights in a row. We discussed it and felt she needed to open it to someone that might be able to intervene in the bloodshed. That she did. I cannot go into a lot of detail as it is still under investigation but I feel an urgent need to ask for prayer for it. In the dream there was an explosion and she was watching this happen like watching a movie. She heard people speaking about it. She saw the location of the explosion and heard the people say the name of the entrance. There was also a small park there. So she had the building and the entrance. The person she contacted called down to that location in Bangkok. They told him there was no such name of any entrance there for their building. He called her back and told her it was not right, and did she think it was in a different part of Bangkok. She said no! I know it is in that immediate area. He had his people dig deeper. They got back to him that yes, she was right! One of the gates of that building was named that but it had been lost and forgotten about years ago. It was at a park. The park and entrance was built by a man that gave it to the building and community. The name was his last name and that is what they used to call that entrance. In the dream after that scene she said it turned and went far out to another location. It showed her a small road off of a major road. Solders were running down the smaller road shooting people and dragging bodies off the street. They are looking into that area now as well because she gave them the name of the major road and the number of the smaller road off of it.

There is an election next February here in Thailand for the Prime Minister. We are still under military rule more of less from the last coup that happened in 2014. There are fugitives out of the country that want to get back into Thailand to try to reestablish their power. They need to make the current government look bad and discredit it. They will try to do that with terrorism. Kill innocent people to make international news. They will do anything they can to regain power. They do not care about innocent bloodshed. They want the people to die to get the world’s attention. There has been a buildup of this type of activity along the border area where God has called Phimpha to.

We do not know the outcome of all of this but we know her dream has been verified and we need prayer for the people of Thailand. God is showing us the future because we believe He wants specific prayer to stop it. Why does He operate this way? I do not know or understand but by Faith I believe and will pray. We ask those of you who have the burden to pray with us for the protection of the nation and to avert the bloodshed.

In Christ

Rodney and Phimpha