Clarification I Hope!

Hello Again!!
I thought I had fairly well explained our situation here, but there seems to be some confusion so I will try to explain again. Sorry I am not a great writer as you all well know.
Phimpha said God has been calling her for 3 years to move out to an area that is near the Thailand / Cambodia border. She did not go until a few weeks ago. The pull was so strong she drove out on a Sunday afternoon not really sure where to go but she knew she had to leave. We have heard rumors that some people think she left because we are having marital problems. That is not the case. In fact we are stronger than we have been in years. Of course I am not happy to have her away but our life is not our own. If it were we would not be doing this work. We know from experience if God is calling it is best to answer that call. Your life will be much more satisfying but perhaps not easier.
So now she is about 1 ½ hours away from our home base. (Timothy House) She had told God sometime before she left that she would need a place to stay that was free. God gave her two. She has been working a lot in that area over the years so it is not new to her. There are a lot of churches there that we have worked with for years. She is spending a lot of time visiting the poor in the villages. She came up with an idea to help some of the poor by buying a pair of goats and they give it to one family then when they reproduce the pair is passed on and the family keeps the young. She has bought several pairs and has given them out. They are about $160.00 for a pair. She is also an arbitrator for many problems. God has given her the ability to listen then He gives her a fix for the problem. It is never that difficult it is just having to bring the two sides into agreement. The government leaders in that area call her a lot to ask her to go with to a village to encourage the people. She is number one in encouraging others. It is another gift of the Spirit. They went to a small village the other day and there were around a 100 or more people that showed up. The leader of the area said I have been coming here 5 years and never seen this many come. Her reputation for being one to help the people is spreading fast. Plus she gets to tell them about God. People are coming to Christ. Some of those new converts you would never think would come to God but they do. God knows the hearts. A monk ask her the other day if he could become Christian and but still pray to Buddha? She said “No! You must choose” One of the new Christians is on fire for God. Telling every sick person they meet that Phimpha can pray and heal them. She has told him many times you pray for them and he does with just a short few words and they are healed. They are shocked. Phimpha said healing might not always happen. He said God did it before He will always do it. He is God! He has more Faith then her. Things are really moving quickly in that area now. People are coming together village by village. This is a very rural poor area. Also another project we are collecting old wheelchairs and hand pump tricycles to give to the many farmers that have lost one or both legs due to bombs from previous wars. She is also looking to get some people trained and making prosthetic legs. There is no end to the need. Because of the many children and youth that are into drugs there, being a border town, she is going to build a place for them to recover and finish their schooling. When they are arrested for drugs the school kicks them out. Then they have no chance except the drug trade. Drug use is rampant in that area. This is just a little of what is going on there. God is moving quickly and all one needs to do is to be willing to love the people. God is Love so if you give them love you are giving them God as well because He is Love.
If anyone has any questions feel free to write.
Please keep us in prayer. We are still in need of a first payment on the land. Anything will help.
Thank You to those that have given already. She just messaged me a few minutes ago saying ask someone for 200,000 baht tonight. (6k in USD) I said I don’t know anyone with that kind of cash on hand. So I throw that out here as well.
Please Pray with us!!!
You Brother and Sister in Christ
Rodney and Phimpha

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