From Phimpha’s Heart

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Phimpha here. I would love to inform all of you about what we are doing here along the border. I thought God had already told me about the calling in my life. I don’t want to live a hard life. I want to stay at Timothy House and enjoy all that has been accomplished there by His grace. But I can’t say no to the Lord Jesus Christ who I love the most. He has called me out to another area. By His mercy we will build a project there for the countless in need. But He is not looking just for this project. God is moving Christianity in Thailand to a higher level. To have a greater authority and farther reach so more of the lost can be saved. God is bringing his presence and influence into the place of Government. God is not just changing a district, He is changing the country.
When things look the darkest when things look impossible when man’s solutions don’t work then God. He will come and answer the prayers of His children. The people will turn to God as they recognize Him by there answered prayers and see His Glory. This is what I see happening right now as I answered the new calling He placed in my life. He will give me the wisdom that I need to walk and the words to say to the people. I don’t have wisdom and strength or grace. I know I lack all these things. But God will give me everything I need at the
time I need it. All I need now is to say yes to Him and walk in His love. As I know in life the calling of God does not come without cost. Please pray for me at this time as I begin to do this work. Please keep in contact with me and asking for more information. I have a great team to work with but I appreciate your support. Thank you for all you have done for me and please continue to send your love to me.

Also prayers for the first payment on the project. We need $22,000.00 by Monday.

Your sister in Christ

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