From Phimpha

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ.
Phimpha here. I know many of you have been praying for me and the ministry of God in Thailand. I am so thankful for all who have been helping orphan and abandon children and also all different kinds of the needy that I have been working with for over 17 years. Right now the Restoration Project is moving forward with faith and blood and tears. I am crying to our Father for help as he called me to do His work. Many may think I want to do. Yes I want to do because I want to do whatever I can for God’s Kingdom and I love to see the lives transformed. Many problems happening around the world now. All things around the world are shaking. But please come with me to stand against the darkness. Please keep praying for me and please keep offering for the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ here. Please keep me in your love.
From my love, respectively and honour to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am asking for prayer and support.
In Christ

Rodney here. She did not ask me to say what she needed but this is what the needs are for now.
I will need 50k ( $1,500.00)by tomorrow. And 250k ( $7,800.00) by this Saturday .
800k ($24,800.000 by 2nd September.
Asking for pray and support.
The amounts are unattainable for us. That is why we need prayer.

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