Is the substance of things hoped for. It is totally believing that you will receive what you are hoping for. It is not hope. It is the assurance you will receive it beyond all doubt. You know it will happen. That is why we only need a small amount of Faith to move a mountain, because we are certain it will move. We don’t just know God is able to do what we ask for, we are certain He will do it.
Looking at it from a worldly standpoint it is crazy. Who would buy land, start to work on it and plan to build a large complex without any funds to start the project? Someone who has Faith! If you know God is telling you to buy it you must sign the papers to buy. If He is telling you to start working on it before it is paid for then start. If He is telling you to wait, you wait, but He said start.
God told us to start this project. We live by following His word so we started on Faith alone. God is providing for the project through those who have the burden to expand His kingdom here on earth. The purpose of that is to save souls from final damnation.
This is what He has done so far.
The price of the land is 3,000,000 Baht ($90,000.00 ) We have paid 780,000 Baht so far so the balance is 2,220,000 Baht ($66,640.00)
The price for the contractor to move the dirt was 560,000 Baht ($17,000.00) we paid 360,000 Baht, we owe them 200,000 Baht ($6,000.00)
The land was originally rice field and needed to be raised up so it does not flood every time it rains. It is much cheaper to dig a hole and use our own dirt to cover the land than to buy dirt. So now we have a large pond on the far end of the property. The land is roughly 4 acres in size so it was a lot of dirt to move. They raised the level of the “filled land” about 40 inches.
We also bought cement culverts to put under the access to the property. They were 54,000 Baht ($1,600.00). They had to be large because the water runs to other properties all around the area.
We will continue to push forward by Faith. Many of you reading this disagree with what we are doing. If God was telling you to move forward and you knew it was from God I pray you would move. We know what it is to be persecuted for our faith. We ask you to join with us in prayer. Not for just us and this project, but to pray for the lost. It is why we live. Our life is not our own we belong to God and without God and salvation we are lost. With God and salvation eternity awaits us.

Your Brother and Sister in Thailand
Rodney and Phimpha

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