As most of you know we are working on securing land here in Thailand to build a restoration center. We would like to be out from under the payments to the owner. We are looking for anyone who would be willing to take a small risk to help us. When we started to inquire about the land the owner wanted 3.5 million baht ($106,000 USD). Because we are not looking to run it as a business but as a place to help the poor in the area he accepted our offer of 3 million baht ($90,880). We made an agreement of four payments of 750,000 baht ($22,720 USD) every 2 months. As soon as we had a signed contract we hired a contractor to dig a large pond on the far end of the property and use the dirt to raise the level of the site because it was a rice field. A rice field here is always lower ground so it can be easily flooded to grow rice. We paid the contractor 650,000 ($19,690 USD) baht for the completed work. We have made the first two payments on the land and also paid off the contractor in full. We are working on the 3rd payment now and are struggling to get it paid. With the added value of the dirt excavation by the contractor and the reduced price initially by the owner, the land is valued at over 4 million baht ($121,000 USD) and there are buyers waiting to purchase it if we default on the agreement. We owe approximately 1.25 million baht ($37,900 USD) So we have an asset of 2.75 million baht ($83,000 USD) which is more than enough to secure a loan for the property.
So the question is would anyone with $38,000. USD be willing to lend it to us so we can pay off the land, get the deed and secure a loan, which we will use to repay what was lent to u,s plus any fees or interest required. She has already inquired about it from the loan company and because the amount owed is so small they are willing to do the deal without any cosigners.
We had plans yesterday to sell my old truck to make the payment for today, but after prayer she decided against selling it to a non Christian. She wanted to keep it in the family of God. It is in very good shape for the years and kilometers on it. She is hoping to be able to give it away to a Christian in need.
We also had someone yesterday offer to pay off the land for us but they wanted the land to be in their wife’s name. We plan to build a large complex on the site pursuant to what God is telling her to do. It is not the point of it being in our name or not. The point is we have no problem in walking away from it empty handed and leaving it for other Christians to operate. We just don’t care about material things on the world. They are just a tool to be used to bring the lost to salvation. If God tells us to give it to another and walk away we have no problem with that at all. There is nothing on this world that we would not give away if that is what God wants us to do. Nothing here is important. A large complex or a large church or vehicles or whatever means nothing. No amount of material possessions are worth more than one soul. If you don’t believe that then re-examine where your heart is. The entire material world will pass away but the one soul lives on if they have salvation in Jesus Christ. And that is the whole purpose of the restoration complex that God is showing her to build. It is for the lost. It is not a kingdom here on earth.
So please keep us in prayer. We will not allow satan to stop what God is telling us to do. We need a little less than $2,000.00 USD tomorrow morning with no hope of getting it on time from anyplace. Yet we have faith and pray and go on. Private message me if you are willing to help.
Your fellow servants of Christ
Rodney and Phimpha

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