Update to the Update

To our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

In my last update I told you we needed $2,000.00 USD by the morning and Thank God we got that in on time. Then she made a new agreement with the land owner to pay them 100,000 baht a week ($3,000.00 USD). We actually had this week’s payment. Next week we are still praying for, and the week after that etc. Thank you for all the prayers and keep them coming till we can secure this land to begin the project that God has showed us. We are down to less than $30,000.00 USD now. Some of our Christian Brother and Sisters are really stepping out doing what they can to make this happen. We are so grateful they have answered to the burden of their heart. Any amount is a great help.
The rest of the ministry is not stopping. We have many people still calling for help and we help all we can anyway we can. The hardest for our hearts is when they call needing help and we try but cannot find anything or anyone to give. We give all we have many times with nothing left for ourselves but the difference is we have Faith in our God, many do not.
Most of you I would think remember about all the trouble we had with the Social Department when they took our children away by force. Well last week the court date for Phimpha finally came up. She spent 2 days in court answering their questions and listening to the charge against us that they used to come and take the children by force. The charge was running a Children’s home without their required paperwork. But the real reason is because we are Christian. The next court date is the end of this month. Pray for justice to be upheld and pray for those that are persecuting us. They are in a lot more trouble than we are. They do not know our God.
I started this update a couple of days ago. It is now 4:30 am and I just returned from the hospital checking up on our daughter Amy. I don’t know what it was all about but last night she decided to overdose on whatever medicine she could find. I ran her to the hospital and they will keep her for a few days to make sure her liver and kidneys continue to work. I think it was more for attention than suicide. satan is attacking us very hard lately. That is a good thing because it confirms we are making a lot of trouble for him. Jesus said we would be persecuted and we defiantly get our share.
I am planning to return to America in the next few weeks. I need to spend some time with my parents and also for some training I need, to continue the path that God is calling me to. I will explain about the training later on after I have checked into it more. I could certainly use some help with the tickets. This land has tapped us out and we are deep in debt.
Sorry this update is a lot of wants and needs. It has been a real struggle for Phimpha and I to keep Faith. We will stand strong and never stop. We will stand strong. We will stand strong. When all else fails STAND.
In Christ
Rodney and Phimpha
Timothy House

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