Update to the Update to the Update

Hello Again

I had the information wrong for the payment next week. Seems it
is the end of the time for the 3rd payment and we need to pay it in
full. $9,000.00 USD. A small amount for some but an impossibility for
us without your help.
If that payment is made we will just have the last one of about

$21,000.00 USD. Another impossibility without your help.
We Thank God for those who have been answering to our needs. God
knows and credits YOU.

Our daughter Amy is doing much better. She sent me some pictures
yesterday of herself and food that they brought her. They took her IV
out and the feeding tube out of her nose and she was very happy to be
able to eat after 2 days, a long time for a teenager with out food.
She has been getting a lot of friends from school visiting her. She
will talk to someone tomorrow about why she decided to do this.

Your Servants in Thailand
Rodney and Phimpha
Timothy House

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